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I am trying to sort out getting a computer for a young mum and haven't a clue! Machine itself not an issue, but she needs to be able to get internet access for her daughter.

As she does not have a landline, how does she go about getting access using mobile, what additional kit (if any) does she need.? What are the costs roughly?

Any advice gratefully received.
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  • If you have 3 coverage in your are, you won't beat 3 mobile broadband for speed and price -

    If she has a laptop/mobile, she may prefer to get Mifi, which essentially acts like a wireless router for multiple devices, otherwise a standard dongle will be fine. A monthly plan is cheapest, may be wise to find out from any other 3 users in local area as to what 3 coverage is like first though. The paygo plan seems like a false economy to try, maybe you could get a dongle cheaper on ebay just to test it?

    Check coverage:
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    Without a landline, the only options are VM cable, or mobile broadband via a dongle, either on contract or PAYG. The first and absolute priority is to check which networks give decent 3G reception at the property-everything follows from that.
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  • 3G isn't suitable for a main home broadband service due to the data limitations. They would have to monitor the bandwidth usage, avoid online video sites and turn their PC's automatic updates off. You also end up paying more for an inferior service (compared to what you'd get through ADSL).
    If it's just going to be used for Emails, light browsing and Facebook and you get good 3G coverage (be sure to check first!!) then you can get contracts for £10-15 per month which come with the dongle.
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    However, in the absence of a landline, it's really Hobson's choice.
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  • Assuming modest data use and acceptable "3" coverage then the 3GB SIMs that last 3 months are worth a look.

    For example try searching for "3 Original Broadband Ready to Go 3GB" on Amazon. It isn't as good as a landline (even on the cheap Plusnet deal) but is instant and has no commitment.
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