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Cost to retile Bathroom?

I would like to find out how much it would cost to fully retile a small bathroom. I have been given a quote of approx £620 for labour cost excluding materials, which i think is too expensive. Can anyone advise me of a typical charge to remove existing tiles,plaster and retile walls with standard tiles and retile floor with ceramic tiles? Ideally in the south west london area?

Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks


  • I have just had a quote for a small bathroom too, £530 for the tiling(I am in Surrey) which is our only quote at the moment. Am getting more people around and also considering tiling over the existing tiles to try to get the cost down. Our total quote to refit bathroom and do the tiling was £1500, plus we spent £500 on the suite. I never thought it would cost so much to do!
    I will have to compare the other quotes to see if this is the going rate or over priced.
  • have you thought about keeping the cost down yourself by getting the old tiles yourself? ok maybe not replaster but get someone in to replaster your walls and re-tile the bathroom yourself?
    i did mine my self (not the plastering) all it needs is to be patient and do the tiling yourself, you can get the spacers etc with the tiles all i did was used a small spirit level to make sure the tiles were straight and the satisfaction afterwards was great knowing that i had retilled my bathroom from wall to ceiling and in 2 different colours with a tiled dado rail half way up the wall, ok it took me a while to do but it was cheep[er than paying a tiler to do the job for mne even as i know tilers as well it was still cheaper.
    so go on have a go its not that difficult just needs patience, and will save you money,after all its not job to get it done as quick as possible otherwise you wont get paid.
  • Thank you both for your rapid response, am now seriously considering doing it myself {exsept plastering} there's also a lot of guides on the 'net. So, i guess i might take the plunge and as you say get the satisfaction of doing it myself and saving a good few quid into the bargain.

    Thanks again
  • If you are going to retile all the bathroom after, why bother plastering. Can the wall not just be tiled over without plastering?
    Also removing the tiles yourself is a great idea.
    I also live in Surrey & we in the south east pay top whack for home improvements & repairs:(

  • nicherenichere Forumite
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    really you want your walls as smooth and as square as you can as this will make it a hell of a lot easier to tile and the end result will be a lot better.
    i started my tiling in the corner of the bath and worked my way around the walls from there and used the line of my bath as the level for the whole room as this is what i think in my opinion is the focal point otherwise you could end up running out of square as you proceed with your tiling if you get what i mean?
    i hope this has been of some use to you?
    trust me the satisfaction you will get will be amazing i was worried about doing it myself but everyone who saw the bathroom was very impressed and thought i had paid for it to be done, so just take your time when doing it thats my advice.
  • You shouldn't really do that - baths aren't level as the water needs to flow down to the plughole!

    You should fix a baton to the wall using a spirit level to make sure it's straight and start there.
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  • nicherenichere Forumite
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    sorry forgot to say one piece of important advice i bought one of the electrical tile cutters (invaluable) was messy but saved a lot of money and time in my opinion on craked tiles, and was not that expensive either.
  • nicherenichere Forumite
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    i think you will find that the bath is inclined slightly within the bath itself towards the plug hole(may be wrong but i dont think i am)
  • depends on the bath ;)
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  • mjr600mjr600 Forumite
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    As a rule tilers charge £17 to £22 a square metre. This excludes materials and is the price you can expect to pay in Yorkshire.

    Like all tradesmen, Tilers like an easy job and to remove your old tiles, clean up the wall (possibly have to replace plaster/plasterboard) and then dispose of the mess at as tip (for which they have to pay) then they'll charge you more.

    Its worth knowing that depending on the type of floor in the bathroom a good tiler will have to put a waterproof green chipboard or fibreboard down, this prevents tiles moving and damp getting through to the original floor.

    Your floor height will alter accordingly and you'll have to shorten the door into the bathroom.

    As others have said, doing it yourself is an option, rewarding etc, just take your time and get the right tools.

    A relative works at a tile importers and I can tell you the mark up on tiles is almost 400%, make sure you negotiate hard with the shop.
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