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go back to days of yore



  • 16011996
    16011996 Posts: 8,313 Forumite
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    Yeah I'm with you on that, although a bloke I work with always collects dead rabbits if he sees them and takes them home. Tells his kids its chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ;D ;D ;D
  • Lucie_2
    Lucie_2 Posts: 1,482 Forumite
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    Oh No!
    My Mum did that to me when I was younger - made a rabbit casserole & told me it was chicken. Evil woman - no wonder i've turned out like this!!! :)
  • System
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    Oh No!
    My Mum did that to me when I was younger - made a rabbit casserole & told me it was chicken. Evil woman - no wonder i've turned out like this!!! :)
    Run Lucie, Run Lucie, Run, Run, Run ;D
  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    rabbit?? rabbit??  horse???  where I grew up the only wildlife was the odd bronchial sparrow   and the only meat we got was the regular stuff

    mum reminded me today of my grannys hot pots

    shed make this huge huge long dixie type thingy full of hot pot and feed about 10 adults and 15 grand kids who all converged on her saturdays  for dinner after theyd been shopping, then sit gabbing their heads off till 10 is

    poor nanna   shed just stand in the kitchen cooking and dishing it up

    if she wasnt in there when you came in  the house  youd panic   !!  cos thats where she ALWAYS was    :o

    once everyone  (8 kids) started working and things got better  shed buy a cake each from the cake shop occasionally  for sunday tea

    which would always be  a meat salad  from the sunday lunch joint    how shed make a leg of lamb go round about 8 people and theyd get plenty ,  then for sunday tea with salad   then for sarnies for work for grandad the next day is beyond me

    anyway    salad and cold meat for tea  with a bowl of fruit  tin of evap and a cake      heaven  heaven heaven

    and that was it   no more bought cake till next time  which could be a month  
    a 1lb of broken bickys from the local cake shop would do ages and ages  as well :P

    the secret ??  touch the food in the larder  at your peril,  nobody snacked    not allowed   nobody picked at anything   not allowed  

    which is understandable  imagine 8 kids in the war  rationing and all that   wading into the meagre crumbs she had to make a meal with  

    if you were dropping with the hunger after playing out and it was an hour before tea time  shed give you a jam butty and you were happy with that

    crisps?? Kit kats??  ha h aha ha ha

    so right up till she died at 93   you never went in nanas fridge or took a crumb without asking  (if you were cheeky enough)

  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    grannys are getting all the credit here what about grandads??

    my grandad always gave me his sunday cake when nanna wasnt looking ;D

    then hed walk the legs off me through Liverpool into the town centre to the pier head along the dock road to seaforth (only about 8 miles) and back again every sunday

    telling me what each dock was for what that paritcular ship carried, where they took the livestock from Ireland even these big rings in the dock wall he told me were from the slave trade days :(

    a mine of information he was, then an ice cream on the way home from his friend at the end of the walk who had an ice cream buisness and he had a tiny horse with bows and bells on that used to pull the ice cream cart and theyd sit me on this horse with my ice cream and id get a lift back to half way home where the stable was, grandad leading the horse and the man driving his other van behind

    Never have I ever been so proud as when id be on that horse with his bells and bows thought I was the envy of Liverpool !!! ;D ALton Towers?? naaaaahh
  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    bought some baking apples today £.60p made some pastry £.40p stewed the apple with sugar £.20p

    oven say £.20p total cost "1.40 for a lovely 8 portion deep apple pie

    if you can scrum the apples youll save £.60 but i kept falling back off the vicars wall.!! :P
  • LincsLad_3
    LincsLad_3 Posts: 611 Forumite
    Fascinating thread (are men allowed in here btw?? ;D )

    All I can remember of summer main courses in days of yore is cold meat salads or, as a variation on a Sunday a tin of salmon might be opened at teatime.

    There must be loads of other things, but the recipes in this thread seem to concentrate on shepherd's pie and casserole type dishes - fine for winter, but a bit heavy for summer.

    So - any summer main course ideas??

    (Puddings will of course be self-picked strawberries and raspberries - in a week or two anyway!)
  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    I think salads were treated with much suspicion years ago, I dont remember it being common place at all

    you got your hot meal summer or winter sun or snow

    but ill ask around ;D
  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    just an update

    since we last saved the £600 ive been putting all my savings in a tin, and now its up to £983.46 plus my savings of my "spends" are now at £48,23

    ;D ;D

    thats all cash that would have been sitting in mr tescos and mr safeways pockets instead of mine, when it hits the thousand ill buy premium bonds and have 1000 chances every month of winning a million!!

    yay :D:D
    make in same way as sweet: using stale(ish) bread, layer with cheese & bacon/ham (could use ends & scraps) top layer sliced tomatoes/mushrooms. YUM

    Bacon knuckle boiled up with onions & 1/4rd Oranges (those ones that you left too long before eating). Lots of great meat to be eaten hot or cold; can titivate & roast. Stock makes great soup.

    Save water used for vegetable/potato cooking use as stock or whatever

    Revive sad carrots in cold water (preferably filtered)

    Any/all tomatoes placed in oven in shallow dish when cooking leave to cool or eat some at once! Great hot or cold, juiced, added to all sorts or on own

    Love this site

    :) :-*
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