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A good tin opener?

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Jonny_RedJonny_Red Forumite
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Hello all

Don't know if its me being a bit hamfisted but I seem to be going through tin openers at roughly the same rate as tins. I can't figure out what's wrong with them as the mechanism seems to be working fine but they just won't rotate the tin to open it.

I don't want to spend a fortune but if it comes to spending a bit more on a tin opener that's going to work for more than a month then that's what I'd rather do.

Any recommendations?




  • Have you tried Brabantia? This is the only one my daughter (aged 17) seems to be able to manage with ease. Not the cheapest, but sturdy.
  • I swear by my Good Grips snap lock tin opener. Had it for about two years now, and the only one I haven't wanted to throw out the window. :rotfl:
  • I have this one and I love it, I hate tin openers but this I the best I've found for me. I did buy it from Oakland when they stocked it so if it was rubbish I could return it.
  • good post johnny we have gone through 2 "value" tin openers in 6months. i think i will try the one on amazon and wait for a triple pts offer to make it a bit cheaper in the long run. many thanks everyone
  • babyshoesbabyshoes Forumite
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    My parents went through a stage when I was a child of trying almost every tin opener on the market - within reason, and within budget. Very few of them lasted much more than about 6 months. In the end, a cheapy all-metal one lasted the longest. An expensive automatic one came a close second! (Can't remember the brand, just that Dad was pretty angry when it gave up the ghost as he had expected it to last a bit longer, due to the price and the fact that it was a 'known' brand. Of course, it was just out of warranty when it died...)

    I now have a similar, all-metal, basic opener (probably from either Tesco or Argos) which has lasted 8 years and counting! The blade part is getting a bit dull now, but it still works.
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  • Rainy-DaysRainy-Days Forumite
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    I thought it was just us!!

    We wne through no end of tin openers as well. In the end I bought a really cheap basic 49p one from Wilkinsons and it has lasted them all out the longest! The metal wheel on your finger can be a bit tender but in the grand scheme of things I am not having to return them back to shops because they have gone to the tin opening graveyard!!
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  • angukanguk Forumite
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    I have this one and I love it, I hate tin openers but this I the best I've found for me. I did buy it from Oakland when they stocked it so if it was rubbish I could return it.
    We've got one of those too and it's brilliant. I've used a variety of different types of tin openers over the years and found they only ever lasted a little while before becoming useless, the plain bog standard cheapy metal ones lasted the longest. Then OH lost the use of his left hand and couldn't use a tin opener (most seem to need 2 hands) so I bought a Culinare for him to try. I wish I'd bought one years ago, it's never failed yet, even on bashed tins.
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    You also have to factor in which way they work. Some cut down through the lid. Some cut in through the side. Allegedly, the second method is safer, as you don't get the sharp edge around the lid. OK, but you get a sharp edge all around the top. With the "top down" method, the potentially dangerous lid would fit into the empty can.

    Of the "side in" ones, the Culinaire MagiCan is well regarded. I also got my elderly mother one of their automatic electric ones, and was most impressed with it. It was fun being able to leave it to get on with opening a can, as you did something else. However, I ended up also having to buy the manual one as a back up, after the batteries ran out one day and she couldn't change them and open the can.
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    I agree that the best ones are the cheap, metal "butterfly" ones.

    Having said that, our current one is from Papmered Chef and is pretty good. Personally I'd prefer a normal one, but this comes the best second that we've found.
  • I had a Brabantia tin opener for 16 years, it finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. I have replaced it with a brushed stainless steel one from morrisons, and it works a treat, very smooth and easy on the fingers, think it cost about £3 or thereabouts.
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