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Grocery Challenge - February 2012

edited 30 January 2012 at 8:27AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • skillyskilly Forumite
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    Hi, Helen jelly I am quite happy to update my sig and not go on front page .thanks
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    declaring at £460.28 :o£60 over , ive been doing the GC for ages and im still carp :cool:

    march is a 5 week month for us i think so im increasing my budget to £500

    spent £49.25 in l!dl - prices are just going up and up , a cucumber last week was 69p today its 79p and a £1 in @sda :eek:
    also spent £30.03 in @sda part of this was stuff to make a cake for DHs birthday next week, the DDs are making it and wanted lots of sweets to decorate it
  • tjaktjak Forumite
    149 posts
    So, I am in March GC as I get paid on 20th.
    I have just received a huge delivery from MrA, which I did through mysupermarket, so happy I saved a lot compared to dropping into MrT and W. I also bought a 15kg bag of dog food today, which normally lasts about 6 weeks. I have updated my sig, and worked out I have £30 left for each of the 3 Thursdays before I get paid again, and I really shouldn't need anything else this week as fridge/freezer and cupboards are full. I did the MrA order over 3 days, so I could go back on and add things I had forgotten, so I shouldn't be tempted to nip out for 'one' item.

    As my nearest supermarket is MrW 8 mile round trip, or MrT 12 mile round trip, it should be easy to avoid, but we will see.
    Good luck everyone :)
    Debt free and saving :j
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    mh2361 wrote: »
    and of course, chocolate on offer has fewer calories!!!!! I wish!
    Had a NSD yesterday which I'm dead chuffed with, but looked at debts today so on a bit of a downer.:(
    i think u are on to something with the chocolate....thats my story anyhow....stay positive about the debts baby steps etc
    onwards and upwards
  • Living_proofLiving_proof Forumite
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    I have had a day off today to fit in an appointment so I bought a couple of things in Lidl but just couldn't resist having a look round Tesco whilst I was in the vicinity. As it happens they had some half price Flora at 85p tub and I will pay that but not double or more and they have lost me as a loyal repeat purchaser. If it's not on offer I won't buy it, period. I was a bit taken aback by all the jars and ready meals but maybe they are being prominently promoted at the moment. I have plenty of my budget left and just one more small shop on Saturday for fresh stuff, so I may drop the monthly amount a little further after another month. I have so much freezer and store cupboard stock the £140 for all spends including petrol is still not very representative. Lidl and Aldi are saviours for anyone on a budget and I was actually cringing in the fruit and veg ailses today in Tesco at the cost of even basic veg.

    Good luck all at the end of the month. It will get easier once spring comes and there is an abundance of local products and I hope we all begin to see the downward inflation reflected in our shopping bills.
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  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    sistercas wrote: »
    .. ive been doing the GC for ages and im still carp :cool:

    Well today apparently is St Polycarp day so we being many can all be carp :rotfl:
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
    1.5K posts
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    Hi everyone
    Another disasterous month for me, tomorrow (24th) is the beginning of another 4 week period for me, so I will be drawing the money for the month out of the bank and giving my card to my daughter. I did my accounts last night and when I look at my bank account I have been putting fuel in the car using my card, NOT CASH like I should be doing and also buying small things like magazines etc that I shouldnt - also using my card, so who am I kidding? only me:(

    So next month I will aim for 92.00 theres only me, and I really need to get my spends under control, I have quite a full freezer and my cupboards are looking quite healthy too, so here goes for another try.

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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
    4.8K posts
    Part of the Furniture Debt-free and Proud!
    DundeeDoll wrote: »
    Well today apparently is St Polycarp day so we being many can all be carp :rotfl:

    :rotfl: i like your thinking

    been cooking this afternoon. made a base mince and from that made 2 pasta bakes ( one for tonight and one for the freezer) and there were two lots of mince left - so thats bagged up in the freezer.
    i have cooked a gammon joint and sliced it - there seems to be loads so i think it may be cheaper to do that than buy ham. i might look into a meat slicer as my slices are quite thick even with the electric knife
  • mi_jardinmi_jardin Forumite
    584 posts
    Time for a final tally up, and I blew it this month!:o
    I totaled up at £115.52 with a budget of £100. Nothing too bad really, and I did stock up on a few bits using vouchers so it will save in the long run.
    I am sticking with £100 again for March despite having a house guest for a week or so, we are fairly well stocked.

    BTW, I am ok with not being on the list, I keep my own tally, and you do enough already keeping us in check!:p

  • elsiepac wrote: »
    I've updated my signature to show it's just me I feed on my giant budget, as per previous posts!

    Mine's even bigger :( ...... tbh I'd really struggle on less as milk accounts for over 20% of my budget :eek: (lactose intolerant) - add on the wheat free things too and .......:(

    elsiepac wrote: »
    I've become completely obsessed with this thread and the OS boards in general. Now I'm debt free (still hasn't sunk in!) I need to stay really focussed as I know how little willpower I sometimes have, and I DO NOT EVER want to be in debt again (excluding a mortgage in the future if I go down that road again!).

    Me too - I'm much more paranoid (and obsessive) now I'm debt free ... probably a good thing really but I do think I need to lighten up a bit sometimes:o

    Florenceem I love seeing the pics of your dinners! Quick question tho .... who has to wait before being able to dig in every night!:)

    Still fairly on track this month (after last month's stocking up) - have the £5 off £40 or £7 off £50 Mr T voucher to be used this weekend but need to have a shuffle in the freezers to see if I've room to get more stuff in:o.

    Ideally I'd like to stock up on whole chickens as love the amount of meals you can get off one - but they take up sooooo much room in the freezer :( so will have to wait and see once the re-jig has happened.

    If I can get them on the 4 for £12 offer that would last me a good couple of months :) and would help balance the books a bit!
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