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Help me PLEASE! What do I need???

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Help me PLEASE! What do I need???

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GreenstGreenst Forumite
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OK, I have a Sony HD TV about 3 years old (only got it as the old CRT died) and a very old ariel on the roof circa 1970!! And that's it!

I can get all the normal channels, the TV has built in Freeview.
I am not a massive TV fan therefore I don't want Sky etc and there's no cable in the village.

My questions are;

1 Come the switchover will I still be able to get all the normal channels or am I supposed to upgrade the ariel?

2 My son likes to catch up on some programmes on iPlayer, he is currently doing this on his old iPod :( not ideal for watching TV. I have broadband at home with a wireless box so was thinking maybe an internet enabled TV? can someone explain how these work? He could do with a newer TV in his bedroom so can have the Sony if I get a new one for downstairs/internet TV.

3 Went to John Lewis a few weeks ago and asked about TV's and was completely confused as they said I could get some plug in device for the TV to get the internet on it but I wasn't sure if they meant I could do this on the old TV or if I have to buy a new type of TV?

4 I have a very VERY old portable in my bedroom, this has no freeview box attached etc, I also assume now I will have to get yet another TV for the bedroom, how do I get a signal to it? Is it best to just put another ariel on the roof and feed it straight to this one? or should I get an ariel company in to put a new one up that can be connected to my bedroom & the living room? could this be upgraded in the future to also include my sons room?

5 My son really just wants to catch up on stuff he's missed and mainly use the TV in his room for his Xbox.

6 Please note I am a complete technophobe and therefore treat me gently with your replies, think complete numpty and the need for simple answers will be most appreciated.........please!!



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    TimalayTimalay Forumite
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    1) If you can get the normal channels via freeview, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about

    2) You can ether get a TV with internet built in, but you may or may not need a usb dongle (you have to use the company's own branded usb dongle). Or you a box with the internet built in, this can come in the form of a standalone box, or built into a blu-ray player.

    3) As above, they mean a usb dongle, but you have to make sure your tv has internet built in, and you use the branded usb dongle.

    4) It all depends on how diy savvy you are. You can put aerial up in the loft if you are close enough to the TV transmitter, if not it might be better to get an aerial installation company out to it for you (or a friend who knows how to do it).

    5) Yes he can, but you can't get BBC iplayer on the Xbox 360 yet, a way around this using a Wii (if you have one), and you can get iplayer on that. Also I think some the on-demand content requires a Xbox Gold subscription.

    6) Noted
  • GreenstGreenst Forumite
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    Great replies, glad you noted point 6!!

    Next question, and I am sure the answer is something to do with how long is string, but what's a ballpark figure on getting a new ariel put up with 3 connections to TVs?

    Or would the existing cable to the living room be used and 2 more cables fitted to a new ariel?, I am assuming a new ariel is needed to service potentially 3 TVs as I take it the 1970's one won't be man enough or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Just that I look down my road and everyone seems to have shiny new ariels or Sky dishes and I have this one very sad old small ariel!

    Also the wire to the living room is embedded in the wall so it all looks nice, I take it that wires from the ariel to bedrooms would just come down the wall and look a bit naff?
    I need to decorate the bedroom soon so would this be the ideal opportunity to have a wire put down the wall to wherever I want a TV to be then a TV point put in?
  • I got a high gain aerial after doing a fair amount of research and for me it meant going from zero freeview channels to the maximum in one swoop.

    I got the aerial from the company below and locally I was charged around £70 to fit the aerial with a new bracket and wiring so my total cost was around £130 all in.
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