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Equifax black mark

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Credit File & Ratings
Help advice needed please!

I get monthly alerts from Experian of my credit file which I get free with one of my bank accounts.
I have just had an alert that Virgin Media have given me a black mark showing that I have defaulted on my account.
I get a monthly ebill from them for phone/broadband/tv, I do nothing and they automatically take payment from my bank account about 10 days later.
Last month I looked at the ebill and saw an amount of £2.66 which I shouldn't have been charged (How I now wish I had left well alone!!).
I rang them and they agreed with me and said as the money hadn't yet come out of my bank account they would alter it.
What they did was reduce the amount taken from my bank by £2.66 but did not reduce the bill. This obviously showed I had "underpaid" by £2.66.
Some automatic system has shown this as me "defaulting". Obviously the following month it will show me as okay again but this black mark will remain.

Will this single black mark cause me problems in the future or should I try and get it removed? I have nightmares at the thought of trying to explain this to call centre staff and trying to get them to do something!

p.s. I wasn't sure if this was the correct section to post on but it seemed the best fit?


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