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Netflix/Lovefilm etc or stay with Sky

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We have the full sky package, but with our monthly income likely to reduce in the coming months due to ill health and a reduction in working hours, I'm thinking of cancelling part of the sky package (movies and sports) and going with Netflix/Lovefilm.

To be honest I'm sick of flicking through the channels and finding nothing of interest on them.

I would like to hear from people who may have done this, or those who already have these services who can give their opinions on them.

We would be watching via a Samsung BlueRay player and we have unlimited VM 20Mb broadband.

Thanks in advance
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    I would suggest if you're interested in Netflix, sign up now for the free 1 months trial as it finishes soon. You have to register a credit/debit card but you can cancel straight away and are still allowed access to the service till your free trial expires;)

    I've been using Netflix since it started and have found the service to be very good, picture quality of HD content has been flawless with no buffering and lots of titles with 5.1 audio to go with it. I'm on ADSL up to 8meg.
    The choice isn't huge atm, but I expect that will improve as time goes on, also the content isn't the most up to date, especially where movies are concerned as Sky seem to have the rights wrapped up in this country. But Netflix have stated they are working on it.
    Saying that though I have found lots of stuff on there to watch, and I'm intending on keeping my sub running after the free trial ends.
    Another good thing with Netflix is that you can watch it on lots of devices, and you can pick up with something exactly where you left off:)

    Lovefilm on the other hand I found had a poorer selection of stuff to watch for my tastes, but does have more films than Netflix. Unfortunately the quality isn't HD and despite this I encountered lots of buffering, and audio only stereo.

    Out of the 2 services Netflix is by far the better service, an opinion which is reflected by lots of people across the Net:)

    Whether its worth ditching Sky Movies for? I can't help there as I don't have sky movies.
  • Netflix all the way and if you subscribe to (free whilst in beta) then you will get access to all the content within the USA which is a whole lot bigger than over here currently.

    There is also a 7 day trial of a more popular service called and then a monthly fee after for about £3.20 or you can pay for 12 months up front for £32 (dependent on exchange rate)

    Give the UK one a go first and if you hanker for more stuff to watch definitely give either a bash or unblock-us as both are much cheaper than Sky Movies.
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    I'm currently trying to use the unblock-us free 7 day trial and I can't change the dns on my sky router as instructed. I've changed the DNS settings on my wdtv live smp but still getting the uk netflix.


    please assist
  • Try disconnecting the wdtv for a minute and then plugging it back in again. Your sky router may have dns disabled like on my virginmedia super hub.
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