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Sky TV Cancellation problem

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Sky TV Cancellation problem

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kdawgkdawg Forumite
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone can give me any advise on how to proceed with Sky. I have been going backwards and forwards over the last few days, and not really getting anywhere.

Here's the long story...

I started a Sky package for Talk, TV and Broadband in June 2010. I ended up leaving the flat I was in around March 2011, which was still within the 12 months minimum contract.

I was moving back to my parent's house where they already have Sky, so I didn't need to continue with my Sky contract.

I contacted Sky's moving home department and I was told that I couldn't end the payments right away, I would have to continue paying until the 12 months were up. I was happy to do this, as I realised that the I had signed a 12 month minimum contract.

It was made quite clear at this time that if I found somewhere else to live, I could phone back up and get my existing contract to continue at a new house. It was also made clear that if I didn't find anywhere else, my contract would finish after the 12 months were up (June 2011).

I recently noticed that £30.75 was debited from my account with the description 'SKY DIGITAL'. After checking through my bank statements, I noticed that £30.75 had been debited from my account every month since June 2011, totalling £246. I immediately contacted Sky's billing inquiries to find out what was going on. I was told that my Sky TV package was still active, and this is what the £30.75 payments were. They cancelled the TV package so that no more payments would be made, said it was not possible to refund the £246 I had already paid. I was told to contact the complaints department if I wasn't happy with this.

I contacted the complaints department and they repsonded with the following...

In order to cancel the account, customer must contact Sky and give 31 days notice to cancel the account.
I see that your account was active till 25/012012, hence you were charged for the same.
If you wanted to cancel Sky services in June 2011, you should have called Sky in the month of May 2011 and have given 31 days notices for cancellation of account. As this was not done, your account was active. Hence I'm unable to refund the charges of £ 245.00 as your account was cancelled only on 25/01/2012.
Whilst I realise that you may be disappointed with the decision made, I hope that you can appreciate our position in this matter.

I replied again saying...

As I was told I didn't have to do any more for my contract to be cancelled, because I has already given enough notice, I didn't do anything more. I also find it quite hard to believe that you would not be willing to refund the £246 to me, as you have not supplied any service to me whatsoever.

I believe that I was told incorrect information by Sky, and as a result it has cost me £246. Therefore I hold Sky fully responsible for this issue. To resolve this problem, could you please return the money to me.

Sky responded with...

On further investigation in to your account
We’re sorry to hear that you wished to cancel but the services you ordered were for a minimum term of twelve months. As you were still within this contractual period as you was advised on the 31 March I am unable to process your request.
After your minimum 12 month subscription period if you wanted to leave Sky you just need to give us one month’s notice.
Whilst I realise that you may be disappointed with the decision made, I hope that you can appreciate our position on this matter.

Can anyone help me get a refund for the money that Sky have debited. Obviously, if I was told I have to ring back to cancel the TV package, I would have. What do you think is the best way to proceed here?

Thanks, any help would be much appreciated.


  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    One of the best adverts for not giving SKY (or indeed anyone else) a Direct Debit or card mandate. Your situation is hardly unique and has been ocurring since the days of analogue Sky. The company cannot accept pre-dates requests to cancel a contract, this can ONLY be done 30 days from the date of closure. I don't believe they're being arbitrary about this, the staffer can only cancel for a date 30 days hence. If they did this, you would have then been billed for the remaining period left out of your initial 12 months, which on reflection would have been a better arrangement.

    It also falls on the customer to ensure that only the payments they authorise are taken, the courts have decreed they share the responsibility with the broadcaster. The card was active, the service was available and you could have viewed the service if you wanted, indeed, they have no way of knowing that you did not.

    I do not see you proceeding with any other solution, other than ensure they've confirmed they NOW have oyur notice to cancel. It is a very unwelcome lesson, I agree - but there is no way toy can force them to refund, as the service was provided, and you agreed to pay.
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