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Can you move a thermostat?

Im not from this country orginally so know nothing about central heating.

Basically my boiler is in the 2nd bedroom, with the thermostat on the wall, right outside the bedroom.

I think its in the wrong spot, as the temp always has to be at the highest of 25 otherwise the radiators go off.

I've checked the radiators and i can't control the temp individually, really wish i could.

Do people agree that the thermostat location is the cause for this problem and can i move it to say the lounge?

Also can one change radiators to have a control of them for the temp or does it involve new radiators?
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    You can put thermostatic valves on the radiators, but leave one without one.
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    traditionally the thermostat is located in a central place, hallway etc, not near to a radiator otherwise you get an on/off/on/off frequent cycle.

    theres no problems moving the stat, make sure power is removed before doing so (preferably consult a qualified electrician).

    trvs(thermostatic radiator valves) are OK but can seize up and be a bit temperamental, better to have a properly set up system, as jennifernil states, always have at least one rad without a trv for water flow reasons.
  • I would recommend a wireless thermostat.
    These replace your existing control box (usually just three wires to connect- if you can change a plug then you should have not problems, but get an electrician if you have ANY DOUBTS)
    You can them put the separate thermostat anywhere you want; we put it on a shelf in our living room which is much better than the upstairs landing where the original was. It's now warm downstairs
    We bought one of these from B&Q fo about £40:-

    I would really recommend some TVR's on your radiators as well
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