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  • torbrex
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    Definitely a defensive pose, when was the last time you saw any member of the Royal Family with arms folded like that, even low down dirtbags such as politicians know better and Martin would have to be classed as somewhere in between the two.
  • PudseyDB
    PudseyDB Posts: 1,144 Forumite
    HATE IT!!!!

    More friendly? Not at all. Crossing arms is a barrier and makes you look unapproachable. Is that really the image you want to convey?
  • Nile
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    edited 16 January 2012 at 1:47PM
    Dear Martin

    I haven't changed my view about seeing you with folded arms.;)

    I know it's something you are comfortable doing but it's perceived as being unfriendly, unapproachable and defensive and I don't think you want people to see you like that.

    I watched the 'Grammar School' programme on the BBC recently and one contributor said that he was forced to fold his arms in class.:p I can remember being told off as a youngster..............with the adult saying "Because I said so"........with his arms folded.

    The only folded arms I like to see are from Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough playing Cissie and Ada.:D

    If you're considering changing your photograph, do you think you could change the 'We run the MSE Forum' photograph too? If you give them notice, maybe on [STRIKE]school[/STRIKE] photograph day:D the team could avoid all wearing dark colours.


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  • I kinda like the "Done in a bedroom" feel. It's more "friendly" rather than some juiced up corporate looking website.

    However, nothing stays the same forever. So, if you must change it, then dont have that picture with your arms crossed - it looks like you're waiting for something!

    Just a nice welcoming smile should suffice. ... or how about you stood there with wads of cash in your hand ! ;)
  • I like the masthead overall, although I agree with the majority of people about the arms folded pose - I don't like it at all. It looks too unfriendly and corporate. A close up of your face would be better in my opinion.
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  • I think the overall look is great - although brace yourself for the "Change is bad" backlash - I remember when the forum changed to the green colour it is now - people complaining about headaches, unable to read the text etc etc but people have short memories and these objections are soon forgotten.

    As for the folded arms, I'm neither here nor there and don't feel it would make much difference to me.

    Finally, moving away from the "my first website" is a great move - the site could definitely do with a cleaner more professional feel to it.
  • spadoosh
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    I don't think it matters.... at all.
  • alexlyne
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    perhaps a compromise on the green... wear a green shirt? Or is that up your sleeve for paddy's day?
    As for folded arms, agree with everyone here.
    Perhaps a Fonz style thumbs up?

    Other than that, links are nice and clearer than they currently are.
  • Oblivion
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    Truly [STRIKE]awesome[/STRIKE] awful.
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  • Give me Consumer Revenge any day :money:
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