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A Payment A Day - The 2012 Challenge!

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*The principles of PADding*

Emily Hallett started a fantastic thread called 'a payment a day' which you can find here:

Thread 1

:T The thread was a huge success and was continued in 'A Payment a Day Parts 2-11'. Those threads can be found here:

Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 5 Thread 6 Thread 7 Thread 8 Thread 9 Thread 10 Thread 11

:T The thread is extremely supportive and friendly, with lots of madness and smileys to boot! It is ever increasing, which is why the 2012 challengehas now been started.

The principle of the idea is that you pay any extra money you have against a debt to clear it a little bit quicker. Not everyone makes a daily payment, but instead they save money to make a lump sum at the end of the month. You can do it anyway you want to, but join the thread and let us know how you are getting on.

Some PaD-ers have cleared their debts and are now focusing on saving following the same principal, so they still post on the thread. Anyone is welcome to join in at anytime.

Best wishes to everyone :beer:

*The numbers*

To show how well we all do, the collective amount paid to each debt, per month, will be logged here. Look how amazing the totals are sHa_clap5.gif

In 2011 the People of PAD repaid towards their debts/savings a massive:


2012 Totals:

January: £51,890.82
February: £27,651.56
March: £41,266.31

April: £27,687.84
May: £42,887.71

*The Rules*

1) To assist the monthly 'counter-upper' please post your PaD in Bold, colour, large, or all three
2) Once you join, you cannot leave ;)


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