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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • NickJWNickJW Forumite
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    Wow - it's took me about half an hour to properly read through the thread this morning! :D

    Anyway - first spend of the month on potatoes, rice, and ibuprofen cost me £3.55 in Mr S.

    I noticed I had 2 ready meals in the freezer which I bought at the start of December when they were on offer. I've brought one to work for today and I'll bring the other to work tomorrow.

    Tonight will be a simple meal - Defrosted a pack of pork chops from the freezer, will use up the last of a pack of green beans which desperately need using up alongside mash and chutney which also needs using (it's been in the fridge for ages, and I keep putting off using it!)

    Tomorrow will be some sort of stir fry. I'll use the rest of the pork with what's in the fridge - a green pepper, onion, chilli, lime, soy sauce, maybe five spice, maybe a few green beans if they don't all get used tonight w/rice. I've also got 2 slices of bacon - might add that. And 2 eggs...every attempt to make egg fried rice has gone horribly wrong, so I will probably make a mini omelette to put on top. Dunno - I'll play around and hope for the best I suppose! :rotfl: If it means no shopping tomorrow I'm happy to put up with a concoction. Just hope my flatmate is amenable to the idea since it's my turn to cook....
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  • Hi All,

    Not doing too well today, came into work to find out that one of my staff's OH's passed away over Xmas so attending the funeral this afternoon, I am no good with them at the best of times but quite tired / emotional as it is. Have to admit to having had two cigerettes today. Small graces is I didnt actually buy any, and normally by this time of day I would have had at least 5. I broke the habit of my first one of the day by putting the kettle on for some peppermint tea and catching up with the boards instead so going to stick to that!

    Spigs so excited about your BM. We dont have one, but thats mainly because we dont really eat alot of bread, but will def get one once we have kids etc.

    Hoping for a NSD today, might be a couple of pounds in the collection after funeral, in which case I will probably go to get some more potatoes too so that tomorrow can be a total NSD. I had mentioned before needing potatoes so wouldnt be the worst in the world.

    Wishing you all a good day.

    E x
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    carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    Viv, We buy whatever's cheapest at the sm but not at the discounters. At the mo, Mr W has 2 bags of Taylors beans or ground for £5 which is pretty good. Otherwise the co-*p often has good offers on their coffee, which gets very well reviewed on the site that compares own brands to brands, can't recall its name now but someone will know... also M*rrisons beans are good and cheap. My DH is an addict and we only buy fairtrade so that limits us slightly. Oh and M&*S also good for offers sometimes and all theirs is fairtrade.
    Aberdeen saver, not surprising it's been a tough day and a couple of cigs have slipped in, but you can still start again from there and make the rest of the day smokefree! (or as smokefree as reasonably possible). I agree, breaking habits is the key. I'm trying to break the one of opening a bottle as I start cooking dinner, it's not easy.. keep up the good work, it is massively worth it!
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  • freyasmum- thanks for the tip on the fairy, Plus the voucher :) will definitely be off to sainsburys tommorow to stock up

    been to a$da this morning to do the BIG shop. spent £106.13. some of my bargains were:-
    a months worth of little angels nappies at 2for £10 x2

    pampers sensitive baby wipes £5 for pack of 6 x4 (box of 12 are £12, obviously hoping no one notices they're more expensive)
    nescafe gold blend 300g refill pack £6x2
    asda branded crisps box of 50 for £5.50.
    plus a few other bits and pieces to complete meal planner.

    after many childhood years of being fed half cooked lentils, ive had an aversion to them for years and been put off buying anything with them in. but i took the plunge and bought my 1st bag of red lentils today after viewing some of them recipes on here. think ill start easy and bulk out some mince to begin with to get used to them again. hopefully if im doing it right i wont notice them there.
  • Went to Mr T this morning and spent £29.46 but not all on groceries. I bought milk, bread, sweetcorn, rice pudding, tortilla chips, chicken soup and bananas.

    They have toilet rolls at the moment 18 pack for £3.

    I am trying to keep my food wastage to a minimum. I have a whiteboard in my kitchen which I write on when things run out. At the bottom of it I have made a section and write on it when I have something I have to use so that it is not wasted. For example I made some egg mayo the other day and had some leftover for the next day so wrote that on my board and then the next day when lunch time came I looked at my board and remembered to use the egg mayo. The amount of times in the past when I had leftovers to use for lunch and they just sat in the fridge and went bad.

    Officially debt free :j
  • MummyEmMummyEm Forumite
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    Made a mistake, please could I amend my target to £430

    Thank you.

    Staying away from the shops again today.

    Made porridge for brekkie which I havent done in ages and need to do more often as we have loads of oats but other cereal supplies are getting low.

    HM pizza with defrosted dough and tom sauce. Bit of leftover red pepper, some sweetcorn that's been the fridge as long as is safe, a couple of cooked new potatoes that need eating asap, topped with cheese of course. The kids love this kind of lunch and saves me throwing away scraps of food.

    I'll have a bowl of chicken soup made last night with Sunday's roast carcass, an onion and a couple of carrots. Not sure how nice it will be tbh as I didn't have the usual veggies that I would put in it, we shall see.

    Dinner tonight will be some kind of bean casserole as I have tinned kidney beans, baked beans, chickpeas and butter beans. I've defrosted some whoopsied a pack of 2 Mr T Finest burgers which I will serve either along side or chopped up with the beans, undecided yet. My dinner will either be more soup, or jacket spud with bean casserole depending on how hungry I am.
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  • VivwVivw Forumite
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    Tea tonight - left over pizza and sausages for me/ pork chop[from freezer] for OH and we will have that with new potatoes and veg that are in the fridge - no need to spend today
  • Pixie_FairydustPixie_Fairydust Forumite
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    I always do. I weigh the flour (and sugar, if sweet crust) straight into the bowl, add cold butter cubes and pulse until it looks like breadcrumbs. Then switch it to low speed and start adding water in a slow stream until it comes together in a ball. So easy.

    Thank you for that, I'll have a go!

    🎄The most wonderful time of the year 🎄
  • Pixie_FairydustPixie_Fairydust Forumite
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    Yes! Dead simple. Just put your (cold) diced butter and flour in and pulse until looks like breadcrumbs. Add a little cold water through the funnel and pulse until it just starts to come together. Scoop out, gently form a disc, wrap in clingfilm and pop in fridge for at least half an hour. And then do with as you please!

    Never make it the old fashioned way now :)

    Thanks to you too, I couldn't work out how to put 2 quotes in 1 reply :o, help please!

    I fancy having a go at a quiche.

    🎄The most wonderful time of the year 🎄
  • SpagBolSpagBol Forumite
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    £2.29 on bread and salad in Mr S takes me to £118.86, last night we had whoopsie quiche and I'm having the leftover of that for lunch with some of the new salad. Tonight we need to use up potatoes so I reckon sausages from the freezer with mash, gravy and peas, yum :)

    Hoping to have a NSD tomorrow!
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