A huge massive thank you!

I've been lurking in the background for the last couple of weeks and I thought it might be nice for all of you who so kindly share your amazing deals to get some positive feedback. :)

You have made christmas possible for me and I can't thank you enough.

I've been a bit nervous about posting and I don't want to give anyone a sob story but I thought it would be cool for people on here to know what a difference they have made to some people's lifes so here goes;

I've worked all my adult life until I was told in 2007 that I had some endocrinological problems including a brain (pituitary) tumor. Since then I've struggled to work and keep afloat financially. Against all odds, in 2010, I managed to have a beautiful baby girl.

The last year has been pretty tough and I felt a little heartbroken that I wouldn't be able to give my baby daughter the christmas she deserved but I chanced upon this website and the grabbit forum. It has made my money (and believe me there wasn't much) go further than I could have ever imagined and my little girl and family have some really lovely presents. Even a couple of little treats for me! I've also used the other boards to make brilliant savings on my food shopping.

I feel like I can look forward to my future now without constantly worrying about making ends meet.

I'll be a moneysaver for life now!!! :T:heart2:

So a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!:xmassmile

Holly and Kitty-Rose xxxxx
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