Appen Butler-Hill

A while back I signed up to Butler Hill for possible internet work with them. They have just contacted me with an offer for crowd-sourcing job and want my details including bank details for the HR department.

I know I signed up and all that but my question is is this safe? Shall I give them my details? Has anyone any experience with them?



  • Browntoa
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    seems to be a Linguist company , not sure they would do this type of work

    was the original offer to you from an email or did you sign up direct on their web site ??
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  • MikeR71
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    i signed up on their website and they emailed to say they will contact me when they have new tasks that need doing. they have emailed again with a crowdsourcing offer and ask me to fill in some forms and the contract.
  • Chardonnay
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    Hi :) I would be interested in the answer to this, as I have also received the same. I applied a while ago (over a year ago) for an assessor position but was not successful. I thought at the time that it could be because I had previously worked for Lionbridge.

    I am hoping it is genuine, as the extra money would really come in handy, but I too feel a little wary of signing up and giving bank details!

    Edited to add: On logging in to their website, I do feel this is genuine, as it already has my previously submitted information such as address etc. Also, I have received various emails with tasks to do already. The emails are written well, with no spelling mistakes (usually a bit of a giveaway in my experience!) and the email addresses look genuine. I may be wrong, but my gut instinct says that this is OK. Yay!
  • glowgirl_2
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    You could both set up a basic bank account and use it just for this and any other internet transactions if your worried:)
    Thank you for this site Martin
    The time for change has come
    Good luck for the future
  • MikeR71
    MikeR71 Posts: 3,852 Forumite
    I too applied about a year ago and only now this has come through. When I login I also get the details I submitted already there. Am afraid opening a basic bank account is not an option right now as they want this signed and submitted within 24 hours.
  • MysteryMe
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    Presumably they want your details so that they can pay you, bank account details and name are printed on cheques so that information is not really an issue.
  • That's very true MysteryMe.

    I think if we had been sent an unsolicited email, it may be different, but my personal gut feeling is that this is all OK. Of course, you have to make your own decision whether to pursue it or not, but it all adds up for me.

    Also Mike, I have signed the NDA and different forms and did not see anywhere to input bank information? Of course, they will need this to pay us, but I wondered where you came across them asking for bank info?
  • clairibel
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    I too applied last year and was unsuccessful and have just signed the forms for this, hope its good.
  • I also signed up on this website over a year ago & have received an email from them about some work. I can't remember exactly what the work is though - can anyone please explain what the tasks are?

    Also, the rate of pay is given at between 1 cent & 10 cents per task, so I'm wondering how long each task will take to complete.

  • MikeR71
    MikeR71 Posts: 3,852 Forumite

    Sorry if I wasn't clear, but no I haven't been asked to hand any bank details but I am sure that will come. I wanted to ask and make sure that when the time comes this is safe to do. I don't want to put in the hours only to find it was wasted.

    So I signed the papers but haven't heard anything about any tasks yet. The pay rate is very low for each task so I assume the tasks are many to make it worthwhile? I still don't know what the tasks are exactly.
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