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December 2011 - Grocery Challenge

edited 17 November 2011 at 11:18AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Just got one £24.89 spend to record so thats me about half way through my buget. Still got some more shopping to do tomorrow but thats not too bad. Did think £150 was a bit adventurous for December!

    Wow Doom_and_Gloom that sounds like a great shop you had at MrS! What coupons did you use?
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  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Well a NSD for me on groceries, but I did buy a snow shovel ( it snowed a bit last night and I dont want to get caught out this year) and a book for a Xmas present but they come out of different pots.

    Some of you seem to get great bargains, I only ever seem to get a few.
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  • 666paw666paw Forumite
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    More spending has happened in the 666 household, total of 47.35
    L's - 15.67
    A's - 31.68

    Now have a stock of a few items, so next week should only be fruit, milk, cat food and booze. Hopefully will be able to stay in target this month.

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  • Fiasco55Fiasco55 Forumite
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    Another £15 today at Mr M's. Went in for the deal on Plenty some bread and ended up with a few other things as well. Did get some beetroot, tartar sauce and pickles for New Year.
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  • rej-crej-c Forumite
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    I've just added 2 NSDs - Thursday and today - and a spend of £7.53 at Mr S on the way home on Friday night. That would've been a bit less, but two jars I picked up from a jumbled pile of herbs and spices on an apparently 'reduced' shelf turned out to be full price; but, as I have plans for them, I didn't put them back - I'm thinking of it as an 'idiot tax'. It'll remind me to double-check before grabbing RTC items next time.

    We're pushing our luck with the budget - almost at two-thirds of our max, and only 10 days into the month, even though freezer, fridge and cupboards are all in healthy state. Like for many others here, it's mostly just bread, milk, fruit and veg to top up with for the rest of the month [I have a couple of Clubcard vouchers earmarked for Christmas spirits].

    The spending is largely down to the fact that the SW Effect has been making its presence felt [it's never the healthiest stuff on special or in the whoopsie section, is it?]. Also, later shop opening hours in the run-up to Christmas has made it more difficult to nab decent reductions on fresh stuff, as they're going round with the stickers later, but my shopping times haven't changed. I need to hone my fresh fruit and veg bargain-hunting skills pre-closing on Sunday afternoon, or be more flexible about shopping times throughout the week. :)
    Haven't done the GC since February, but a glance at the Tower of Receipts tells me I really need to get back into it... and plenty of other Challenges besides. :o
  • danniedannie Forumite
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    Good morning,

    Just another £1.39 spent for hot drinks and may need to do another ebay order to cover the Xmas period.
  • I spent another £20.02 this morning in Mr T, although only £7.63 will be added to grocery figure. I had to buy some cocktail pasties for my youngest dd nursery party which cost £3. I got some FR eggs, pitta bread, houmous, mandarins, cucumber and some mint thins.

    Not in grocery budget was printer paper, a top reduced from £6 to £3, TV magazine for xmas period (never buy them any other time of year) and a pack of xmas cards.

    Hope you are all staying within budget

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  • prepareathomeprepareathome Forumite
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    Some more bits from Newsagent/grocer today £19.68 so will go and add that to total.

    Opps nearly forgot hubby picked up milk at SM yesterday so another £4
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  • mummybearxmummybearx Forumite
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    Another £47 spent in MrT yesterday....... Really shouldn't go 'for a few things' when Im hungry :mad:
    Can't think of anything smart to put here...
  • Had a girls night in last night, so another £11 odd to add for the nibbles and booze. Everyone bought a bottle tho so it worked out quite cheap per person and I still have lots of half-drunk wine and fizz in the fridge!

    Up to £148 now. We'll be having a takeaway on Thurs night - do people include these in their budgets? I left out a cafe visit we had last weekend but now I think I should have included it. I need a more consistent method 'cos I'm getting confused!
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