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December 2011 - Grocery Challenge

edited 17 November 2011 at 11:18AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Doom_and_GloomDoom_and_Gloom Forumite
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    Budget - £110
    Spent - £6.82
    Left - £103.18
    Mr S shop £70.01 - instead of the £98.29 it should have been :) (not even counting the reduced items which add up to quite a bit).
    Also got a catalina of £5.59 :D so we have that we can put towards fresh food in the coming 2 weeks.

    Seems bad that we spent so much of our budget and we are only 2 days in but we have loads in and basically only have to buy fresh items and the odd other extra now :cool:. We are hosting a Yule party this year but have most of that food now as well and what needs to be fresh will be bought in the days before or on the day.

    Budget - £110
    Spent - £76.83
    Left - £33.17 + £5.59 catalina (£38.76)
    I am a vegan woman. My OH is a lovely omni guy :D
  • Fiasco55Fiasco55 Forumite
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    I am still feeling the high from coming in under budget for Nov :j:j. The first month I have been able to do so and I am feeling good about this month too.

    Can you put me down for £200 for this month?

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  • £1.49 spend today, would probably have managed a NSD but been feeling pretty fed up after going for ultra sound today.

    Have been getting abdominal pains that the doc though were gallstones but scan shows them as all clear. So now I have the pain and symptoms of gallstones but know idea what it is :( DH suggested night on the sofa with wine and dvd to cheer me up. Wasn't to keen on having alcohol at the moment so picked up a pretend bottle of wine from asda on the way home :)

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  • IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Had my first December spend yesterday £89.92 at local wholesalers, bought 2kg minced beef, 30 chicken breasts, stewing steak, 30 good quality sausages, huge turkey joint, a few basics lke cheese, kitchen rolls, dishwasher tabs etc.

    Thats my meat for the month, so hopefully I will only need to buy a few veggies etc each week to add to it, I do have lots of other bits in the freezer,so will be able to have some money for some Christmas treats:D

    Have a fab day all xx
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  • prepareathomeprepareathome Forumite
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    Well I did shop yesterday - spent a whopping £66.92 but £22 of that was a big bag of dog food so with what I have left in current bag plus that bag dogs have enough dried food to do them till Feb. Also bought some 0.5lt pyrex bowls for £3 each and 3 1lt Kilner jars that had a shelf price of £3 but went through the till at £2.79, would have bought more but that was the last three :(. Just low on the wet food I supplement youngest with, so that is for next week. Well NSD today and will be next two days as hubby away at a bowls comp so I will not be going out to spend money and he won't as everything already paid for and although he topped up car this morning £21 ( only filled it to the brim on Saturday) that is not included in GS. Did buy what I hope is all the baking bits I need for Christmas really we only will need fresh items this months but knowing me will continue adding to my stores. I know next year chances are our income is going to go right down as chances of me getting ESA remote, although good chance on appeal, so I want as much food in as possible while we struggle to survive on just hubbys income, if he has a job still of course. . Any enough unto the day, so will continue spending my money on stocks but try and stay within my budget :)
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Morning All

    I will be going to Mr T this afternoon to do the shopping for next week. I have a £12 off an £80 shop and I will be buying at least 3 Christmas gifts there so I will easily hit the £80. I have an £8 off £80 next week I may not use but the following week I have a £12 off £80 and plan to use that for Christmas booze and a stock up shop ready for 2012. My budget is £96/week, £90 now I have bought the month's dog food, so I am not spending more than I would usually to use the voucher. I just need to decide if I go before DH comes home from work or after as we always spend more when he is there.

    My current total is £250.70, and I should be at £204!! We haven't had much alcohol so the overspend is on food.

    Sainsburys have Huggies on BOGOF at the moment which makes them cheaper than sains, aldi and tesc own brands for the size 4+ DS has if that is of use to anyone.

    RIght off to check the meal plan and do a shopping list. Need to brave the Metro Centre this morning so need to get there early before the hoards descend on it. Will report back with spends.
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  • Good morning everyone!

    I had a few too many spends yesterday. I spent a grand total of £98.75:eek: on 2 trips to Mr T and some offers at the c0-op. I'm hoping this will be the main shop of the month and I'll just need to buy bits as and when, but not very often.

    I'll be fairly busy till mid-December anyway, so not much time to go sm which will definitely help.
    :jBaby girl born 3rd October 2012:j
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    I found a good recipe for Cauliflower Cheese on the new tougher thread so I've added it to the index :)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Just back from battling the bonkers weather and the shops -went to Poundland, Ald*, Mr S and Farm Foods and managed to spend a total of £19.41:j

    The only thing I didn't get was shampoo and conditioner - nothing good on offer so decided to try to stretch what's left until next weekend.

    It was mostly fresh stuff (F&V) and dog food and a few treats for the weekend (came in at about £1.50 so not too bad, mostly Mr S basics stuff).

    I'm really trying hard to stay within budget this month so I'm on a use it up week to empty the freezer a bit and make some cupboard space for the mammoth Xmas shop (family are coming to me for 3 days this year).
    January grocery spending - £82.73/ £120
  • jammy_dodgerjammy_dodger Forumite
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    HelenPie wrote: »
    Take a look on the first page of the Frugal Living thread. There's a link called My Free Spreadsheet (or similar) which is for tracking spending and has instructions (someone showed me to it just today!)

    Sorry. I would post a link my am on my mobile....

    Any specific usage questions, pm me and I will help where I can (my job involves not much but spreadsheets so I'm not bad ;))


    Good luck.

    thank you helen pie am just off to have a look

    jd xx
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