MSE News: Supermarkets cut petrol prices

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"Supermarkets are reducing the price of petrol, in one case to its lowest level since February ..."
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Supermarkets cut petrol prices



  • There's an error in the article. Asda diesel max of 136.9 down from highest of 127.3?!
  • Tesco in Kidderminster have just put theirs UP to 140.9. Robbing gits!
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  • Swipe
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    Damn, just filled up at Sainsburys @£1.36 for diesel. Should have waited until tomorrow :(
  • astgte
    astgte Posts: 44 Forumite
    Our local stores are already selling for the last week or so diesel at £137.9, nearest Asda was already £137.9, nearest BP is £137.9, dont think i'll book a holiday on the savings. Nearest Asda is about 14 miles away anyway.
  • rdwarr
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    Two weeks ago an Asda petrol station opened in our town. Now petrol/diesel is about 5ppl cheaper everywhere :)
    Can I help?
  • Pincher
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    I filled up last Thursday for 136.9p for diesel.

    Sainsburys on A41 near Watford, up the road from Costco.

    On the one roundabout, there is a Shell, an ASDA, and Sainsburys. There used to be a BP, but they tore it down. Must be competition at work
  • davidgmmafan
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    What I really want to see is a story entitled Government cuts petrol prices. There are rises planned for next year I think... What planet are these people on? It does confuse me somewhat that there is such a clamour for the government to do something about energy prices (when they've sold off any influence they may have had) and precious little about petrol where tax is the major part of the price?

    And also why is it that its worth checking if capital gains tax raises money when you increase it yet the same doesn't apply to petrol? I'm not just looking at this from a selfish perspective surely the costs to business must be crippling?

    I accept that gas and electricity is more essential but I bet a lot of people spend more on petrol than gas and electricity.
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  • robbies_gal
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    i agree about the government why arent they doing something about it

    anyway i have 2 petrol coupons for tesco so shall be using them tomorrow
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  • Hammyman
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    Petrol here has gone up 2p/l. Is this some kind of sick joke?
  • 128p for petrol but 136.7p for diesel how is this cheaper? Only if you are running a petrol car!
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