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November 2011 - Grocery Challenge

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  • 666paw666paw Forumite
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    I would like to declare Nov as an overspend.


    Thats an overspend of over 100 but did include some items for later in Dec and a few items stocked up as was on offer.

    My month finished on the 18th so am a little late declaring. Now off to Dec challenge to enter my details again 2 weeks late.
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  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    H All,

    Sorry I'm a bit late declaring but busy couple of days.

    Spiggle is declaring at £245.42 for November just under.

    Fantastic results and great learning of how and where we spend money. ;) You all deserve a thoroughly earned :T:T:T!

    Well done and see you all on the December thread.

    Take care,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • Fiasco55Fiasco55 Forumite
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    At last a month I have at last come in under budget :j:j:j

    Total spend for Nov challenge is £76.32/£100. Now to plan for Dec.
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    prepareathomeprepareathome Forumite
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    edited 3 December 2011 at 6:40AM
    Opps posted in wrong thread so cut it and will pasted in Dec thread, this year is going to fast for me:)
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  • lynneeelynneee Forumite
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    got a bit carried away in November, and even though I had a bigger budget than previously, I went over by about £50! :(
    Oh well,
    Thanks to all the money I saved from September and October being very successful, I am not keeping a count in December, I will be busy enough this month!
    Will be back on it in January :)
    £405 for this month! should have been £350.
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  • JILJIL Forumite
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    I am declaring at £162.80 but I am really pleased. I did set myself a target of £80 to use up some freezer stuff. We did use up lots of freezer stuff but I also bought a few bits for Christmas that I had seen on offer and these took their place in the freezer. I also got some of the cheeses on offer in Tesco at half price also for Christmas. I know I could do a calculation of the cost of things I bought for Christmas but they have to be paid for out of some budget,so its this one.

    A big thank you for all the inspiration and tips and ideas from the folk on the thread and also to the people who run the thread.
  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Declaring at €300 for November....way over target as I took my eye off the ball on several occasions and that is the easiest way to break the bank!

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  • After finally getting around to adding it all up, I'm declaring £124.86

    So next month I'm going to stick with my target of £100. Hopefully this month I'll stick to it!
  • My budget was £250 for the 5 week month and I went over a little, but I am pleased as I am getting there.

    £272.72 is my final amount for November's challenge


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  • KittenkirstKittenkirst Forumite
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    Oh dear, my November challenge finishes on the 15th but we're at £153.02 already! Not helped by our organic christmas hamper (£95) we've been really careful but this puts us over budget :-( it will last ages though and is very yummy!
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