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E.on complaints compensation rates

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    Hi tonib85

    I'm really sorry you've had to go through all of this.

    Following the sales complaint process is exactly the right thing to do and I'm glad Emma has been helpful.

    Doing this not only allows your situation to be sorted out but also helps us improve what we do and hold those responsible for putting you in this position accountable for their actions.

    You certainly shouldn't be out of pocket because of this and I suspect this is something Emma is looking at.

    Please let Emma know if you've any further concerns or for a progress report. You can always speak to her manager if she's not in or if you're not satisfied with her proposed resolution.

    Again, I'm really sorry you've had to go through this but many thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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    When my OH went to e.on they made a schoolboy error that resulted in crazy overcharging for more than 2 years.

    When I finally was allowed to get involved I told her to ring as there was a clear and obvious error (£9k bill for electric, 17.2p standing charge - I kid you not).

    Now comes the move that got me going - when she rang not only did they tell her she was mistaken, they also coerced her into paying another £500 immediately, 10 days before Xmas!

    If I hadn't have got involved she would have paid them £9k she didn't owe.

    They eventually (right on the Ombudsman referral limit) paid back £5400 they should have never have taken and offered me just over £100 comp, which didn't cover the O/D fees and my phone calls to them.

    We eventually (after they kept offering stupid amounts trying to get me to agree) settled for £500 comp (my suggestion) and (more importantly for me) a letter of apology that detailed the changes they had made that would mean others wouldn't have to go through what she did.

    It's settled now but the time, hassle and stress was considerable.

    My advice would be to keep a written note of all conversations, names, dates, times, etc and have a clear idea of what went wrong and what outcome you want. Also use - I'm !!!!!!ed if I'm going to pay for the privilege of trying to get our own money back.

    You also have to stick at it & not give up......

    The only positive outcome is that as a thank you she's taking me away for a weekend - I'll make sure we turn the lights out before we leave......
  • I'm just sooo angry they can forge a signiture, sign you over without you knowing and then when you switch back have the cheek to send you a letter saying you owe them money...

    If that wsn't bad enough when i rang to argue i don't owe them ***k all they decided actually they owe me money, fair enough wasn't much but i have kids and it was enough to treat them..

    How many more people has this happened to, thats the main thing.

    Just so peed they could do this and think its ok to do so... last time i got in touch with someone from e.on i was offered £50 as a sorry... yeah right cost me way more than that to cover extra gas+elec whiles waiting to be switched back (did i mention e.on was twice as much as british gas :eek:)

    Every1 likes saving money even if its bits here and there. I ONLY WANTED A QUOTE...
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