MSE News: Sainsbury's shopper arrested for coupon fraud



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    There are several people who post of buying 30-40 packs, does that mean we've broken the law??

    Why on EARTH would you want 40 packs of honey shredded wheat??????

    Edit - She deserved it by the way, I hate people abusing things
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    DelBoyPhil wrote: »
    Yes, My local asda would allow you to USE ANY COUPON on ANY PRODUCT! that is CLEARLY Malredeption and I know this because may SV would allow it and upto a MAX of 30% then after a year to 10%.

    Wondering if I should goto my local police station and report it. Guess what... Nothing would happen because the police pick on people and not companies, and if a company was to pusure tesco or asda they would not stock there products so it was "allowed"...

    On the face of it this was a clear breach of the terms and conditions but the customers were not complaining and the manufacturers decided for a long time that it was not in their best interests to kick up too much of a fuss. They eventually managed to change these policies though. These boards show A LOT of malredemption goes on, yet there is rarely any action taken against people so I don't think the stores are being very heavy-handed. Whilst the police do pick their battles (limited resources means they have to), I don't think this sort of thing is brought to their attention much.
  • Ok, now lets open this up to other coupons for online.

    A voucher posted for students but clearly open to anyone.

    Now using that voucher are you breaking the law not being a student?
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    The article also says she used different names - well haven't we all done that too. ...
    Err, you are not being serious are you??? :eek:
    I dont get what she did....
    She committed fraud!
    I_luv_cats wrote: »
    Please don't include me in your " well haven't we all done that too " assumptions because I would never dream of redeeming a coupon in a fictitious name - never ever !!!

    I believe I shouldn't abuse the coupon system or want my collar felt either!!!

    MSE is getting bad with some posters advocating abusing (stealing) coupons, dtd and other abuses.

    Well said, and I'm glad I'm not alone in that thinking. Thank you I luv cats :)

    <Premier awaits for the 'holier than thou' line from the usual culprits>
    ..."While checking the terms and conditions is acceptable and pushing within the acceptable boundaries is fine, lying or misleading firms is fraud and we strongly caution against it."
    The problem with such statements (as has been demonstrated even within this very thread) is that there are some MSE'ers who clearly do not understand where the 'acceptable boundaries' lie, and lying or misleading if doing so results in personal gain clearly is considered to fall well within the boundaries according to some... :(
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    Premier wrote: »

    She committed fraud!

    Derrrrr!!!! I know she commited fraud but what did she do to commit the fraud. Obviously only read the first part of my post as you only quoted the first few words!
    Did she change the barcode?? thats fraud, Did she photocopy the coupons? thats fraud. Did she scan and doctor the coupons with different names?? thats fraud. Did she use the coupons for diffrent products other than what she had bought?? thats not fraud that misredemption and not illegal to do even though it still isn't right.
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  • ok my 2p worth,
    we all love to save money
    some choose the benifit of this and other sites to gain a little win for themselves and then share ( thanks)
    then a number of US myself included enjoy a discount or free item and hopefully at some point also contribute
    then there are those who decide it a quick money maker, and then really annoy some by boasting and submitting PICs

    as MT and many of us had said short term gain will be long term loss for all

    ok anyone can do what they want so please spare me these coments, however long term

    no one will share these and supermakets and web sites will not honor these

    me im happy ive got a few free/ cheap meals

    hopefully i will be able to do so in the future, ????????????????????
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    Li0nhead wrote: »
    You always get one who will spoil it for everyone.

    Too true........................shame on Sainsbury's :D

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    Search wrote: »
    I remember someone telling me years ago people can call themselves any name they like and it isn't against the law?! Sounds a bit strange now I come to think of it, so I probably misunderstood. It must be the deception bit maybe where she went wrong, deliberately deceiving or something.

    That's right. You can call yourself by any name you like - as long as it is not for a fraudulent purpose.
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