Churchill won't accept proof of NCD

I took out car insurance with Churchill last month and sent them proof of my 4 years NCD from my previous insurer (LV). Churchill said they would accept the renewal quote from LV as proof of NCD, I sent it with the relevant section highlighted with a highlighter pen.

Today I have had a letter from Churchill, saying that they now won't accept my renewal quote from LV as proof of NCD :mad: The renewal quote was the only proof I had, I have nothing else to send them. They now want me to pay an extra premium as I can't send them anything else. Why won't they accept LV's quote and is there anything I can do about it?


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    What reason do they give?
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    mikey72 wrote: »
    What reason do they give?

    They don't really give a reason, it's just a bog-standard letter that says "Unfortunately we are unable to accept the document sent as proof of your NCD. To continue to apply the discount to your policy we require this year's renewal invitation or letter stating your entitlement at the end of your previous policy". They have already had this!! :wall:
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    All my renewals have been accepted, apart from one year with the co-op when they kept insisting everything we sent was a copy.
    Give them a ring and ask them what's wrong with it?
  • Ask LV for a letter stating your NCD - not difficult?
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    So the contract is frustrated and they owe you a refund, then go elsewhere.
    You may have to sue them for the refund, these insurance companies think they are the law now.
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    How is it frustrated? The terms and conditions state that if adequate proof of NCD is not produced then additional fees will become payable.

    The renewal invite is your renewal quote and so I am surprised they are not accepting it unless it isnt evident from the LV= docs that it is renewal rather than new business.

    You could trying suing them for your money back if you want to waste good money after bad but personally I would call them and find out what exactly was the issue with the renewal notice from LV and if you cannot resolve it with Churchill then to call LV= and ask them to provide a letter simply stating your NCD entitlement
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    Churchill have outsourced the NCD checking, but they should still be explaining in a letter why the proof is unacceptable...i.e, Photocopy, regt number missing,no policy number,statement of facts,gap in cover etc

    Have you called Churchill to see why they will not accept the renewal docs? Your policy should be noted to that affect
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    Two things.
    My last insurers knew exactly how long since I had made a claim, so the evidence is on record. They still require you to provide evidence though, in case the records are not up to date I suppose.

    The second is, that the mistake you made might have been to "highlight" the relevant information.
    This sometimes comes out black on photocopies. It might have prevented their record keeping system functioning. i.e. scanning into the computer.
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    we just had this with Octagon insurance. NEVER go with Octagon

    OH took out insurance last month with them. they sent a letter asking for 'renewal documentation' as proof of the NCD

    OH sent them a letter from Insure, which was one page with 'your insurance policy' written at the top which had his name, reg, expiry period for last cover and NCD

    he also sent them by email a copy of the renewal quote.

    Royal Mail recorded delivery stated that the documentation was received by Octagon and signed for.

    We phoned them to check they had received it - no they havent, no trace of it, they dont log their incoming post

    They then said they couldnt open the attachment of the renewal quote because it was a jpeg image

    OH sent another attachment by email with the renewal quote by pdf

    phoned them - they dont accept a renewal quote as this is not a 'statement of insurance'

    still no trace of the recorded delivery of the 'your insurance policy' document from Insure

    phoned them again as we had now emailed a pdf of the 'your insurance policy' page which they had lost in the post

    I spoke to an incredibly rude woman who stopped me in my tracks as i was trying to ask what exactly they wanted. They had already said in their letter that they wanted specially 'renewal of quotation' which was what we sent by email. She said this wasnt acceptable because it wasnt a 'statement of insurance'

    I said, well can I read out this document that we have sent you by email today, it doesnt say 'statement of insurance' at the top but seems to have the information you're telling me you require (one page, name, expiry date and reg with NCD)

    NO she said, this is NOT a statement of insurance (without me bein able to tell her what was on the page) - she said this because I said it didnt say 'statement of insurance' at the top

    round in circles we go with her telling me that Insure have NOT provided proper documentation on the renewal document and this WRONG and i have to phone them up and tell them this is wrong (even tho Octagon had asked for the renewal quote)

    In the end i managed to get her to listen to what was on the 'your insurance policy' and said that was ok - she then said that I had got myself confused as this is a statement of insurance and I had told her this wasnt a statement of insurance and so thats why it was irrelevant what was written on it

    we will never go with them again. they have not responded to my OH's email with the correct documentation on it and sent him a text instead as 'confirmation' that they actually had it. He phoned them several times to ask for this in writing they refuse to send it saying that the text is sufficient!! This is the light of them saying that if we couldnt provide proof then the insurance was cancelled!
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    Thanks for all the advice everybody. After receiving another quite nasty letter from Churchill I plucked up the courage to ring them (don't like ringing call centres) and they sorted it out. They rang LV themselves and got verbal confirmation of my NCD from them over the phone - why they couldn't do that in the first place I don't know!

    Never did find out why they wouldn't accept my renewal documentation, but at least it's sorted now. Somebody should set up a system where the insurers can check NCD between themselves without having to rely on bits of paper sent in the post ;)
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