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Testing a hot water cylinder thermostat

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    ...with regard to what i said i wasn't talking about combi's i was talking as were you about a conventional cylinder & roof tanks, a gravity system doesn't pump the hot water from the boiler around the cylinder this is done by gravity the clue is in the name, it is only the heating side that is pumped & for that reason you don't have a cylinder stat & the hot water is always on when the heating is,

    With regards to what I wrote
    Sometimes cylinder thermostats are installed which don't really control the temperature in a meaningful way. Typically, the hot water cylinder runs on gravity circulation and the thermostat cuts the boiler off when temperature is reached - but only in the summer months with HW only selected. In the winter, the boiler runs anyway, because CH+HW is selected and the cylinder thermostat does not cut off the boiler.

    You are right to say that what I described does not look right. But look at the bit in bold. I was describing a situation which is not right but does occur more than it ought. I hope you can acknowledge that I was not having a bad day when I wrote that.
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