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  • Hi Heather 2012

    You will get a personal link to your avon store where there are some elements you can customise but it is not a full personal website as such. Any sales through the link, or where the customer selects you as the rep go through your account.

    There is a system for you to set your delivery radius on the site. If however someone orders from you but they live miles away from you, you have the option to refuse the delivery and it will be passed onto a rep closer to them. You can also set your store up so it only offers direct delivery. You can still do local orders for rep delivery but they would have to contact you to place their orders rather than place them through the website.

    If a customer uses direct delivery Avon do it all for you. The commission (minus a small fee) will be added to your account. If you are collecting orders and delivering them yourself then it depends on the type of account Avon assign you. Those with cash accounts have to pay for the order before it is dispatched from Avon. Those with a credit account get 13 days from the date of invoice to collect the money from the customers and use that to pay Avon. If you are doing online only then setting the store to direct delivery only (the customer pays upfront for Avon to deal with delivery) then all you have to place orders for is yourself, friends and family. There are so many options on how to run the Avon opportunity online, which is why the website is so vague on details.

    Hope this helps. Any more questions then I am happy to help where I can.
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  • Hi,

    I am thinking of becoming an avon rep but selling online. Does anyone have any info on how this works please? I have some questions:

    Do I have my own website or do I just send a link, and any sales via that link go on my account?

    If someone orders from my link but they live miles away from me, do I need to deliver their order? I have seen there is an option for them to pay for direct delivery, but this seems like it's optional, what happens if they don't choose direct delivery?

    Do I collect orders from customers, then place the order with avon myself, pay for it myself, then collect the money from the customers? Is this all done online too (if I am selling online only)?

    Sorry for all the questions but the avon website is a bit vague.


    Hi Heather,

    At the outset, best advice is to find a good (ideally local) Team Leader i.e. rather than sign up with Avon direct. Don't just reply to an advert and apply without checking them out either - since the demise of Kleeneezee we have lots of team leaders, who unfortunately don't have a clue how to run their own Avon business let alone teach/support their reps. :mad:

    To help with your queries though:

    1. All reps have the option for their own online store - free.

    2. You can sell Nationwide and set it to 'Direct Delivery Only' (in which case customers pay at point of order and PROVIDED THEY BUY VIA YOUR STORE AND YOU ACCEPT THEM INTO YOUR ONLINE CUSTOMER BASE WITHIN 24 HOURS you will earn off that order at 20/25% less 5% admin fee capped at £1.50)

    3. Once accepted into your online customer base there is nothing else you need to do to earn off DAC (Direct Avon Customer) orders - other than promote your Online Store of course :rotfl:

    4. You have the choice to set your Online Store to DAC orders only (free delivery for all orders £30+) or you can set the area you are happy to personally deliver to free. As in 2. above, you need to accept all new customers into your online customer base within 24 hours and ONGOING ACCEPT EVERY ORDER WITHIN 72 HOURS and contact your customer i.e. so they know you are handling their order and you can tell them when you will deliver.

    5. If you receive an order for free rep delivery but it's too far away from you, you simply refuse the order and Avon will offer it to the next/nearest active rep - if there is one.

    6. Most reps are offered a Credit Account, which means goods come out to you with an invoice - due for payment within 13 days from date of invoice (NOT from when you receive the goods).

    7. The system changed on 10 August, 2018 so new reps now buy Starter Kits (choice of 4 - £15 to £165); every kit includes books, sales aids etc for you to give to your friends/family (and territory if you want an area to canvass). Know you said you preferred online only but as the books are included at no extra cost (and in case anyone else is interested) the process if that you hand the books out, collect back in (hopefully with lots of orders), place an order with Avon for those orders (plus anything else you want for yourself) so essentially you order items you know your customers already want to buy. Avon deliver to you (free if your order is £30+), you deliver to customers, collect the money, pay Avon and what you are left with is yours. If you're adamant you only want to sell online you can refuse the books but friends/neighbours may be interested.....

    8. One of the great things about being an Avon rep is that we get access to special rep deals - some join simply to get access to them. :j

    HTH but if any other queries, ask away.

    Make the most of everything in life (especially Avon ;))
  • I was an Avon rep previously collection orders from work colleagues then I moved to a street territory which didn't work out very well. After seeing the recent TV commercials about it all being online I have requested to join again. I know my hubby will say it's a waste of time like he always does :(
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  • brednall wrote: »
    I was an Avon rep previously collection orders from work colleagues then I moved to a street territory which didn't work out very well. After seeing the recent TV commercials about it all being online I have requested to join again. I know my hubby will say it's a waste of time like he always does :(

    Good luck! :T

    Would always suggest you do some research though before applying. If you apply direct to Avon you will probably be contacted by your Area Manager and TBH they don't really have time to support new reps the same as a good local team leader. Some areas don't even have their own Area Manager at the moment either so.... IF you haven't yet been contacted by someone to appoint you, I'd suggest you go to Avon's main website https://www.avon.uk.com go to Find a Representative link and input your postcode. Details of all the active, established reps near you will appear and hopefully you'll have a team leader amongst them. If not, you could contact some of the reps and see who their team leader/upliner is. Don't be afraid of asking for feedback. Once you're signed up you can't change teams and some team leaders are much more supportive (and knowledgeable) than others so don't leave it to chance.

    ps: you can always do your own research on FB too ;-)

    Make the most of everything in life (especially Avon ;))
  • I have been reading through the Forum for a few hours now and am amazed at how resourceful you all are. I am doing to some research and would love to hear about the tools you use to manage your businesses?

    My sister was an Avon lady a few years ago and used a spreadsheet to manage her sales and the houses to get to that week and when she had agreed to drop by. She struggled with the website but it was easier than filling out all the paper forms! Unfortunately she had to stop after a few campaign after a territory dispute. :sad:

    I would love to hear about the problems you guys are facing running your Avon businesses!

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    Hi all,
    Apologies if there is a similar post elsewhere!!

    I work full time and have just signed up as an Avon rep which i intend to do just within my office as i think theres potential to do ok.
    I always been 'employed' and never had to worry about tax issues as always taken at source but i'm mindful i am 'self employed' as the rep.
    i've decided to try 3 campaigns to see if it's worthwhile but i'm at a loss as to what i should do about HMRC - Should i register as self employed? Will it just be forms relating to Avon and not the income from my other job?
    Sorry to sound pretty stupid but the whole tax debacle scares me!!
    And should i wait until after the 3 months to see if i'm going to continue?

    Thanks for popping in & even bigger thanks if you can help ☺
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    There is (or was) a dedicated Avon thread on this board, the answer may be there.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    This is the thread lincroft1710 is referring to

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    Thanks - yes I found the Avon thread before posting and as it hasn't been active for months thought I would try a new post instead.

    As for centre alignment - slightly random & not Avon related - but its personal choice - as is the comic sans rather than New Roman times just in case that's the next query........
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