~Avon Hints & Tips (Part 8) ~ Please read first post :)

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    hi im a new rep on my second campaign although the first one was only 2 days so really im classing it as my first full campaign and i was looking at the samples to put in with peoples orders but wondering how many you get. i can see some say 5 like perfumes or others single sachet things like skincare but what about lipstick ? is the price per sample it seems quite expensive compared to the perfume if it is. also do people find it best to put them in with order or to give them with brochures ? i wont buy loads but thought if i was promoting a product a few samples might be a good idea.

    Hello :)
    So perfumes either come in 5's or singles for the spray bottles.
    Lipsticks are per sample, but if you think about the usability and size they are much more. Keep an eye out for them being on offer, there's been lots of lipstick sample offers recently which are such a bargain! Sometimes you can get a huge mix of make up and skincare samples for something like £15.
    I started with just the 5 sets of perfume ones and tend to get the ones on offer. I'm not a big sample giver though, just would cost too much realistically x
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  • I haven't been an Avon rep for about 4 years but am about to start up again, I used to use the Resealable Sandwich bags for my brochures and order forms. Saniya, you will come across rude and ignorant people in the course of selling like you do in other walks of life, just smile sweetly and walk away :)
  • EssexHebrid - your comment re dealing with rudeness made me lol :)
  • Hi everyone, so apart from you all having your own Store is there anything else which has changed ? I had already set up my own FB page before it was being pushed by Avon, apart from that is there anything else. Just waiting for my account to be set up again:):j
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    So many questions, possibly been answered pages earlier so apologies in advance.
    How do you keep a record for tax (in case tax credits question really)
    Do you have to have a territory & drop brochures or is it possible to just use avon store & friends?
    Why don't ppl just buy from avon online?
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  • You would have to ask your Sales Leader/Manager for any territory as any streets close to you may already have been allocated OR you can just sell to friends and family
    I would say that the benefits of using a Rep to order Avon through as opposed to ordering online
    would be :

    You don't have to pay for delivery
    You can choose when the Rep will deliver the order for you as opposed to it being delivered whilst you are out or at work
    Your Rep can obtain samples of certain products for you or may have first hand experience of a lot of Avon's products
    Older customers may not have any interest in having online access and may appreciate a friendly face
    Not everyone has internet access or likes using the internet - a few of my customers like nothing better than sitting with a cuppa and the brochure to peruse
    I am sure other Reps can think of more :):j
  • Hi I have applied for an account again to be an Avon Rep, can anyone advise me how long it usually takes for a Leader to get in touch ? I am impatient to get started again now I have decided :j
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    Thank you for all the lovely info you posted concerning Avon so far.

    I've just become a rep for Avon, (well, daughter wanted to do it & I've agreed to be the 'responsible' adult!).

    Can I just ask, we don't have to try to sell to the local territory that's been offered to us, do we? With our 20 brochures, (campaign 13), from the sales leader, we've managed to allocate them to various friend and relations. Is that OK?

    It's wouldn't have not wouldn't of, shouldn't have not shouldn't of and couldn't have not couldn't of. Geddit?
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    You will want to use territory unless you have a really big family and many friends. Try to get them back in 2-3 days at first so you can pass them around several people. Once you are on your second set of brochures, you can still use the first for back ordering.
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    Ie. C14 can be used for friends and family whilst C13 used to canvass your roads. Collect and redistribute until ordering deadline.
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