How do I stop buying rubbish?



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    Spreading a little Christmas joy all year round :santa2:
  • Hi noodles and well done :)

    Try the old style board for store cupboard advice, there are excellent threads with lists of essentials and guidance on building up your store cupboard.
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    noodles86 wrote: »
    Does any1 know the link to the thread with what people post on what they have done to save a few pence?

    When I went and looked at it properly, it seems to have moved into 'money saving and a list of chores I got done today'. Which is fine for those posters who enjoy it, but not what I thought it was! :o

    I think I'm going to start one of my own, because it would be good to keep inspired on shaving a bit off cash from every day. :)

    ps: here it is!
    challenges : AFD : SNC :
    Ebay/ Amazon : £29 + £6 +
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    As well as all the other excellent suggestions. I also have a saving fund for takeaways. We're allowed one a month that is budgeted for and no more. I have cash on hand for this purpose and it's locked (literally, it has a key, I dont carry the money) away in a tin until I need it.

    Funny thing is, we aren’t in debt (apart frm a small mtg to house value). We were once upon a time. But apart from still spending more than we should, and having too much of our assets in property than we should, I STILL ration take outs!! Just like you debt free wannabes.

    I make lunches every day for hubby (so no fancy M&S sarnies for him). But if we are the way home on the ferry I stop at m&S and pick up the fancy sarnies- cheaper than cr*p food on the ferry home. And take-outs are only for special occasions. Hubby is away and having a free fancy meal? I may treat the boys to a take-out like fish and chips. If older brother at uni, it might be a chinese take- out. But we don’t do it daily or weekly (or many times even monthly). It is still as much of a treat as when we had to save the pennies in the jar (still do this too ;-).

    Don’t bring your card anywhere. Don’t blow-dry after freezing. Just put in a bowl of warm water. Better for the card and your electric bill.

    As for the store cupboard I guess that depends on what you like to eat and how well you cook. Mine always has pasta, tinned tomatoes, Tom paste, rice, canned coconut milk, spices, garlic, onions, things like this. Also flour, sugar baking pwder and soda, yeast are good too. So anything from Pasta amatriciana, to homemade pizza to cakes, cookies and bread can be made.

    And I grow my own herbs as buying fresh is really expensive.
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    I have been lurking for some time now but thought I could respond to this thread. I have a VERY low income - so spending is very limited. I use school fetes, church sales and, mostly, car boot sales in order to purchase things I need/want. These sales are very good for toiletries, paperback books, light bulbs, fruit & veg, plants and the occasional treat. For example, I can treat myself to a new gardening book for 50p or toys for my grandchildren which are new and still in the wrapper also for 50p. I also look out for new items I can give as Christmas/birthday presents. I keep a list of the things I need and go round slowly having a good look at what is on offer. I never come away empty-handed and never spend more than £2 on any item. Hope this idea makes your cash go a little further.
  • For me, I think of something expensive I want. This can be anything, from a coat or handbag, to a holiday to a gadget.

    I then equate the cost of the tempting crap against the cost of the the item I may want is a holiday to New York. I'll estimate the cost at £3,000. So, when tempted to get something frivolous, such as a takeaway, which costs me around £11.00, I think about which I want more, and the fact that that takes me £11.00 further away from achieving my goal.
  • At one point, I too was finding that I was whittling money away on crap and that I never had any money, nor anything to show for what I had spent! To cut a long story short, I stopped! It was hard, but I literally started writing down everything I was spending... I wrote down essential bills that came out of my accounts every month, worked out how much I had left, and then worked out exactly how much I was spending on rubbish... it was astonishing. I asked myself if I NEEDED any of the crap I had brought... the answer was no, I just wanted it!
    Over the last 3 years, I've got my debts down from around £5k to £700. I aim to pay this off by the end of this year. It takes willpower and you have to be strict with yourself, but it will pay off in the long run. Good luck!
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    I know where you are coming from. I am self employed but my self employment hasnt made any money for quite a few months now and I am trying to live on HB and £51 a week. It has been and is hard..I have managed to reduce payments on things until such time as I get back on my feet.

    I had a panic the other day thinking that I hadn't got anything to eat - yet I have a cupboard full of soup, pasta and tinned tomatoes as well as stock cubes. My freezer contains meat and veggies, plus bread that I have bought that has been reduced. I haven't been out spending much - although I do admit to buying 2 bottles of cheap vodka on Monday:eek: Not to worry, I had been out on Sunday picking sloes which I spent all morning pricking and mixing with vodka and sugar ready for Christmas, I also have a plan for the used sloes too - I shall cut the stones out and dip them in chocolate to make chocolate liqueurs. I have gone into hibernation mode almost until such time as I get some paid work coming in.

    When I go shopping, I take a list with me - if it isnt on the list then it doesnt get bought. Not wanting to be rude but £200 to spend on DD for Christmas is a bit excessive - lots can be done for far less.
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    I spent 3 years of student loans, CC, overdrafts etc on CD's clothes and other rubbish that I didn't need or really want at the time. Took me a long time and dropping out of uni because I couldn't afford it to realise that I had a problem. I was depressed due to several personal problems at the time and rather than address the issues I used to shop until I dropped. I'm still paying some of the debts off now. I will say it has been a hard but valuable lesson to learn.

    If getting something new is what gives you a buzz then consider joining a freecycle or freegle network. You will be amazed what some people will give away on there and you can also get rid of some of your stuff that you don't want. I have met some lovely people as well and got a real buzz knowing I am stopping lots of perfectly good stuff going to the rubbish dump.
    Or even better try selling stuff on ebay. Still get a buzz but actually have some money coming in at the end rather than being in more debt...

    Good luck!
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    Take Sandwiches and your own drinks when you go out, or pick up some rolls and something to go in them from a supermarket when your there - for instance, I was in Liverpool for a few days last week. For lunch I went to a T Metro store and bought a pack of rolls and some pate @ 1.73 for lunch for 2 adults. We ate them at the docks so we had the best view as well for free.
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