How do I stop buying rubbish?



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    oh and totally agree with the OS board we batch cook and freeze meals and meal plan like mad!!!
    our favorites is Lasanage (cook two at a time portion up into 4 portions each get 8 portions in total - eat some for tea freeze the rest) same with chilli, spag bol, meat balls - we get the foil tubs big enough for one portion or the bigger ones for 2 3 or 4 portions and freeze in them - great for when you have days of cant be bothered to cook just take it out on a morning ready for tea!
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    As well as all the other excellent suggestions. I also have a saving fund for takeaways. We're allowed one a month that is budgeted for and no more. I have cash on hand for this purpose and it's locked (literally, it has a key, I dont carry the money) away in a tin until I need it.

    As for getting rid of the credit card, I can understand how this would be difficult. It feels like a safety blanket at the moment, but all it's doing is burning a hole in your wallet. Try leaving it at home, just dont carry it. You cant use it if you dont have it on you in the first place. This is a good half-way house towards actually cutting it up. You still have it, you just cant use it for 'accidental' purchases.
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    Hi Noodles86, have a look at this - may help with putting some order in your spending and mainly with getting rid of compulsion.

  • why not sign up to the No spend day challenge, you pledge to not spend money on a certain number of days. My first time doing it, I said 15 NSD's this month, so far have 7 and will get my 8th today, maked you think twice about spending money
  • Make it a challenge to see how little you can spend. So when you deny yourself something (like the mascara), instead of it being a let down or disappointment, it becomes a victory that you walked away.

    Make not spending into a buzz, instead of it being a drag! :)
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  • Oh, one other thing I do when I'm really broke is to have something that I do spend on, so life isn't a grind of low-grade stuff that makes me feel totally poor. :(

    In my case, I buy decent coffee, and scrimp on everything else. So however skint I am, I can still sit down to a really good cup of coffee.. :)

    Decide for yourself what thing will make you feel luxurious, and not broke, then buy that one thing from the 'luxury' shelf, and make everything else basics.

    Another trick that works is to keep the nice packaging, but decant the cheap stuff into it. So say you are buying cheap shampoo, pour it into the empty Radox bottle you saved. Or if you are getting own brand jaffa cakes, put them into a fancy biscuit tin, or an actual jaffa cake packet.

    I have been broke a lot, and lived on the dole, or on minimum wage in the past. These are the kind of little mind games I play on myself to make the grind more pleasant. Which means that I don't need to keep treating myself with tat, which is basically what you are doing.

    Good luck!!

    ps: there is another thread where ppl post little things they do each day to save a few pence. Maybe if you joined in that challenge it would spur you on to see saving as fun?
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    Almost same position as you - was on basic benefits with two littlies. What I used to do was allocate £5.00 every week to building up a decent store cupboard. So my "shopping" urges were utilised in finding the best use for my £5.00 every week.

    A few months later I have a store cupboard of basics that could keep us going for nearly a year, my last remaining debt is almost gone (it was £10K BTW) and my "friends" on here have just challenged me to jump in on the "mortgage free in 3" challenge.

    I gave myself permission to spend a little - and in the process have "saved" a fortune.

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  • katsu wrote: »
    You could put the card in a plastic bag then put it in a sandwich tub full of water and then put it in the freezer. In an emergency you could thaw it out with a hairdryer but you could hardly plonk a block of ice down on a shop counter for casual spending :rotfl:

    ha i acctually did that last night when vanquis increased my limit to £1000 and i thought it was waaay too tempting
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    You could put the card in a plastic bag then put it in a sandwich tub full of water and then put it in the freezer. In an emergency you could thaw it out with a hairdryer but you could hardly plonk a block of ice down on a shop counter for casual spending :rotfl:

    I like what a good idea!!!!:p lol
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  • The £5 to build up the store cupboard is a stroke of genius! I struggle to stop my spending whims, but need to as am on a very low income. When the money has run out (all too frequently) I sit and mourn the money that I have wasted on fripperies. I struggle as I do like to eat "well" and the majority of my money goes on food treats.
    As I have little impulse control and even less will-power, I am going to adopt this suggestion. I think it will work for me as I love to search out bargain and money-off deals.
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
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