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My fiancee is Dutch but has lived in England with me for several years. He has accrued a student debt in Holland which he is now getting letters about repaying. He is planning to pay this back slowly but would also like to start saving some money here in England. He has no savings to speak of as yet. I already have an ISA of my own so he could not just save his money in my name. We just wondered if it would be wise for him to open an ISA account or would he have to declare this to his student debt? If it is tax free does this mean he doesn't have to declare it? Or is there a better way he can start saving without it forcing him to pay his student debt back too quickly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'm not too sure that this is the best forum to ask about Dutch student debts.

    That said, you would think that savings being tax free wouldn't magically exempt them from being classed for income/capital reasons - wouldn't this be having your cake and eating it, too? (In that you'd get dual benefits of tax avoidance and repayment avoidance).
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