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Sorry, no idea which forum to put this on!

Can anyone recommend a beginner's golf set (with bag) for my son.

Price around the £200 mark.



  • I was always seeing bags of clubs in Charity shops where I worked in N Yorks. It might be a good idea to do the rounds looking in these shops.
    Just a thought. They only used to want about £15 for them. You could also try the Recycle system & get them for free.
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    Thanks for that.

    I know that is the best moneysaving way but I am really looking to buy new and just wondered if anyone had any idea of the best quality for price type thing.
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    You can get some good deals, but you don't get too much for £200 in terms of quality. I'd visit my local golf course/driving range shop and ask the staff what they have in your budget from the second hand section, where you are likely to get better quality for the money.
    When I started 10 years ago I bout a cheap £99 set from a sports shop and a few months later part exchanged them against a nice set of new mizuno's got £200 knocked of the price. This I would suggest is option B.
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    check all the small adverts there are a lot of bargains floating around I got my original clubs a complete set £30 with bag, mine you be warned it is addictive and can cost a lot but birthdays and xmas helps feed the hobby with vouchers etc
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    Started golf about a year ago and I'm over fifty!
    You want to buy new . WHY , your son might play ( or attempt to hit ) a couple of times before dropping the idea.Then its £200 wasted ( as stated , lots of 2nd hand , nearly new out there)

    I bought a trolley /bag and clubs off of ebay ( very very cheaply), then I played all last winter . So I am hooked.

    But even now, I would not use a 2/3/4 iron and even the 5th is a recent buy.
    Buy a full set and it will be months / years before you use some of the clubs.
    Have bought myself a rescue hybrid.

    So to sum up , pop along to a charity shop , let your son on a driving range , couple of lessons.
    Then , Sports Direct ( will then be the autumn) a few bargains . Cheap bag .
    Replace clubs when required , a 7, PW and putter , followed by a Driver and a 9 iron

    PS never buy golf balls , ask anyone who plays regularly, they will have lots to give away.

    Just checked out ebay , look for 'collection' only . Masses on the site
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    Manufacturers like Taylormade and Mizuno bring out a different range almost yearly. You could get a decent set of Taylormade R7 irons for £150ish on Ebay. Then a driver and a 3 wood and putter and you would be just over your £200 mark. By buying what was the top of the range a couple of years ago you get a good deal and a beginner will never be able to tell the difference when playing between the R7 and the R9.

    I got a brand new Mizuno F-60 3 wood and a Mizuno hybrid both new for £20 each on Ebay. Bought 3 years ago they would have cost £250 for the pair.

    The sets you see in charity shops are always the old steel shafted blade irons. You want cavity backed irons with graphite shafts, better quality and easier for a beginner because they are more forgiving with mis hit shots.
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    My OH came back with a golf trolley, lots of clubs and a walking stick (?) from the local recycling (dump) unit. He is retiring soon and was thinking of trying golf but of course he has no idea what gear he needs and I am sure the ones he has picked up for about £15 including the trolley are not the ones he should have :(
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    Why not? As I posted , don't waste money on items you only use a couple of times.
    The trolley must be worth a tenner , so he has a bargain.
    If he never plays again , he has wasted £15 ( for me that would be a very cheap night out)
    If he takes it up . the £15 will be the best money he has spent in ages .
  • Right...lets break the trend...

    i love golf and have to admit that buying cheap clubs can be really off putting.

    if you were to pop to your local charity shop and buy a hand ful of clubs they would likely be blades with steel shaft which is going to seriously ruin any hope of him enjoying the sport; they are hard to hit correctly and are too heavy for a beginner.

    what i would reccomend is visiting a course which hires clubs and for him to try the driving range and a round of golf on a small par 3 course. If you can then try and persuade him away from using the driver and 3 & 4 irons, for a beginner their hardest to hit correctly.

    after this you have many choices. most golfers will reccomend mizuno and ping set ups, but then you will be looking at a £500 set up. instead opt for the ben sayers mbx4 or dunlop tour sets. both are ok sets (i would reccomend ben sayers more than dunlop though) which are perfect for a beginner and cost about 120-140 for a complete set. their also designed for b:Aeginners and are very forgiving: cavity backs help get the ball airbone due to their low centre of gravity and the tricky 3 iron is replaced by a hybrid which is much easier to use.

    hope that helps
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    I had a set of mitsushiba mirage clubs from a few years ago i only ever played with twice. I just didnt get into it and didnt have any friends that would play regularly! i sold them last month for £60 including a Taylor Made bag, a few good golf balls and T's and a Large glove etc etc.

    There are good deals out there and alot of them are nearly new as Golf is one of those sports you need to invest alot of time and patience in. Its the one sport alot of people try but only half carry on so there will be loads of deals out there for nearly new kit.
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