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Split Ticketing: Report successful routes here

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This thread is specifically for reporting successful

as mentioned in my

Cheapest Train Fares Article

For OTHER ISSUES please use the
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  • Split at York to give Blackburn - York and York - Newcastle. Cheaper for saver returns, also even greater savings between York and Newcastle by using advance purchase on GNER or value fares on Virgin for that portion of journey.
  • I've made some great savings on the journey Peterborough to Cardiff, via Birmingham New Street. You travel on the same trains but splitting the journey/tickets into two stages Peterboro- B'ham then B'ham- Cardiff saves a lot of money. I always buy on the Trainline site and also make huge savings booking 2 singles. So for this return journey you may have to book 4 tickets, but save £££££££'s. e.g. Saver return Cardiff - Peterboro I was quoted £81:00. Buying a combination of tickets (in the latest case, Saver return Cardiff- B'ham and two singles for the Peterboro leg) the total came to £62. But I have done it a lot cheaper than this in the past.
  • djw_2djw_2 Forumite
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    Splitting at Wolverhamton seems to give some good savings.
  • I couldn't get a cheap ticket to travel from Leeds to Newcastle on a Friday at the time I wanted to travel, so I got a cheap day Leeds-York ticket then a Virgin Value from York-Newcastle (staying on the same train). Cost is 9.50 plus 9 = 18.50 instead of 32.40 for a standard single. Very pleased with myself!
  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
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    swansea to preston, split at crewe and if booked early enough, book 2 singles, saved about £40 all together of straight reurn price.
  • carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    I had to go Crewe to Bournemouth and Trainline said only full fare tickets available for travel less than a weeke away. By buying Crewe to London then London to Bournemouth I paid only about £10 more to go first class Crewe to London, then on return leg I split the journey at Oxford which allowed me to go first class from Oxford back to Crewe and still save £18 over the usual single fare! I love going first as you don't get so claustrophobic so this is a huge bonus. Always check the single fares as the value advance first class tickets on Virgin are amazingly cheap - eg my Crewe to London was £40 first class vs full fare of £137 first, £84.50 2nd.

    I thought I was a dab hand at so thanks for this tip!
    Erratically money saving
  • Unfortunately, on Virgin West Coast a lot of the options are stymied by peak hour trains not having many intermediate stops, which is great for speed of travel, not so great for this kind of wheeze. E.g. the 0651 from Preston doesn't stop anywhere south of Stafford, 1715 from London doesn't stop anywhere south of Warrington. However, have picked out the following combination to demonstrate things can be done for Preston (Lancaster, Wigan, Warrington will be similar);

    0718 Preston - Rugby, returning on 1834 from Rugby is available as a Saver Return, £49.30.
    Remaining on same train down, Rugby-London cheapest fare is £32.50 (Advance standard B). Travelling from London on same return train (leaves London at 1745) costs £32.50 - again Advance Standard B.
    Total cost = £114.30.

    By comparison, booking straight through to London
    Preston - London on 0718 = Advance Standard B = £68
    London - Preston on 1745 = Advance Standard B = £68
    Total cost = £136 £21.70 saving.
    I really must stop loafing and get back to work...
  • Go visit Scotland, for under £15 return if you're lucky

    Wrexham Glasgow according to National Rail

    Saver Return £78.80
    Open Return £127.00

    By going Wrexham-Manchester-Glasgow

    Saver Return Wrexham-Manchester £12.60
    Mega train Manchester- Glasgow from £1.00 each way!

    Total Price £14.60

    Saving a minimum of £64.20 but could well be a saving of over £100!!!!!!!!
  • alanrowellalanrowell Forumite
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    cowbagger wrote:
    I always buy on the Trainline site and also make huge savings booking 2 singles.
    And do you pay the fee for CC use? AFAIK none of the train operating companies charge for CC use if you book through them
  • SINGLE York to Banbury £14
    SINGLE Banbury to Haddenham £4.90
    SINGLE Haddenham to Banbury £4.90
    SINGLE Banbury to York £14

    Total cost: £37.80

    Saver return cost: £60.80
    Single York to Haddenham: £56.60

    Go figure!
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