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  • KitleoKitleo Forumite
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    Hi ya :hello:

    Hello full-time-mum - you will never guess what an experience Thursday turned out to be! :doh:

    I printed off the AA route planner for the job fair only to end up on a housing estate! :wall: But thankfully there was a man :male: standing on the kerb and he was able to give me directions, :dance: so I finally got there - only to find out that the paper had not only printed the wrong post code but also the wrong dates - its next Wednesday/Thursday. :whistle:

    So drove back home thinking at least I know where I need to go next week, popped into town and did the right thing (thanks to Emily Pankhurst!!!) and voted :think: _party_ to find that the council have acknowledged receipt my application :T There was also a rejection letter from another job I had applied for - not even called for an interview, :huh: but not that upset as I quite fancy the Council or another job that I have received an application pack for, so keeping positive and only looking forward to the bank holiday - even if they forecast wet weather. :(

    Hope all is going well for you

    Byeeee :wave:
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  • KitleoKitleo Forumite
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    Hello to you all :hello:

    I have been very busy since my last post, and have not long come back from my second job interview. :smiley:

    The job fair was brilliant :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin - and I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for work and able to go to one, to go - it was very informal, so no on the spot interviews asking difficult questions, there were loads of potential employers and agencies and I took along 20 copies of my CV and gave 19 away!!!! :T

    I got my first call from an agency on my way home and they had arranged for my first interview by the next day. :shocked:

    Since then I have had several interviews to sign up with agencies for both full and temp work :undecided

    But as I said - I have just returned from my second actual job interview (this one a long term temp contract) and felt that it when reasonable well. The thought of going on interviews after so many years of working for just one company was rather daunting I must admit :eek: but it soon all comes back to you.

    Now I must confess I did like the second potential job and would like the opportunity to work there :cheesy: - even tho' its only a temporary assignment for 6 months whilst the lady is on maternity leave.

    The company has really great ethics -:T (its a large non-proifit making company - working for workers) :T- so nice to think they are not making money to keep rich directors in a job and to keep their shareholders happy.

    However, they say there is another interview taking place this afternoon - more than likely as I type :sad: - but at least they will let me (or the agency) know by tomorrow :smiley:. So keeping fingers crossed and hope they liked me enough to say we will take me (if I can be so cheeky!) and dare I hope for a permanent position to turn up in the time I am there????

    The Deputy Chief Exec who interviewed me did say that was the way they usually got their staff - keeping the ones that they like and that they think will fit in around the place. Or words to that effect. The job is to replace the first temp who went there to do this role and has just been successful in obtaining a full time position and to make it more appealing he told me they are looking for several new people because they are expanding. So really keeping my fingers crossed....

    And still have to get feed back from the first interview - so who knows - early days... :rotfl:

    will be in touch
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  • KitleoKitleo Forumite
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    :hello: Hello to you all

    Well I never got the first job - they thought I had to travel too far to get there! Surely that is a lame excuse as it was not that far away. But I was not too bothered as I did not like the place very much, very over-crowded office - all open plan with about 100 people - felt like you were sitting on top of one another.

    Think the agency let me down about the one I really wanted as the girl I was dealing with went off sick and the other 'girls' in the office could not get into her system to find out about the feed back. :confused: When I eventually got them to ring up the firm they said they had gone with someone from a different agency who started the next day! :whistle: I could have started the next day - but it took the agency 3 days to find out! I may be wrong but will never know.

    They have not given me feed back as to why I never got the job - which you usually get - that's what makes me think they cost me the job. :mad: Or am I just using that as an excuse to justify my failure? :think:

    Anyway have decided to go with the first agency who have found me 2 weeks temp work whilst setting up permantent job interviews, and they have promised that the temp assignments will be told they have to release me for the interviews as and when.

    They are setting up two interviews for next week hopefully. :j

    I start on Tuesday for 9 days at a hospital to cover holiday leave.

    keep in touch

    Byeee :wave:
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  • KitleoKitleo Forumite
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    Hello all :hello:

    I have been working as a temp since the bank holiday at a small specialised medical establishment, really quite nice, but finish there on Friday :huh: I have found a really good route missing all the traffic and can do the journey in approx 30 mins. :) So have really come to like it. I seem to have picked it all up quite quick and get on well with the other staff. Shame it has to end.... but

    Today the Dr in charge has asked if I like it there and said that he had been told I had to leave early yesterday as I had an interview to go to. Then asked if I was looking for a permanent job? :) When I said I was, he then asked questions about what I did before I temped - so I told the truth including the family business - (except the bit about how my father sacked me because he wanted to save the money - but it turns out my mother wanted the decorator/handyman to return who costs twice as much as I did but the both of us was a drain on the purse strings...... ) but enough of that - back to the conversation.... He then said to bring my CV in as there may be an opening at the end of August. :cool:

    Unfortunately for me someone who works there has a student in the family and they will be working there (instead of me/a temp) during July/August. I don't feel bad about missing out for those two months as I know students need to earn money just as much as I do, just seems such a shame I cannot stay there. :(

    However, the agency phoned me on my way home to say that the interview I went to yesterday have short listed me and I go back next Tuesday. Must admit I was rather shocked as I felt the interview had gone really badly. I was interviewed for the chance of two roles within the same very large - global company. I am sure I could do either role, and will take either one if I actually get an offer - I know it is not what I really would like - set up wise. I like the small friendly office with people my age.

    This large company will be very cut and thrust and I think very stressful, like the company I was with before all this happened. But I need the employment and I cannot wait around until August in the hope I get offered the temp job permanently. (Of course if I don't get either of the jobs - then I have the option to continue temping and go for it.) The only problem is I have no idea what the salary would be - and don't want to appear to pushy and ask at this stage.
    But the positive is I am starting to believe I can do it again, so believe that the best job will come to me. I know if I get a job with the big company the salary will certainly help me clear the debts I have much quicker than at present or in the past. But money is not everything.

    A lot of soul searching will be going on this weekend that's for sure.:smiley:

    All take care

    Byeeeee :wave:
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  • KitleoKitleo Forumite
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    An update.....

    Medical temp job finished and although they asked for my CV nothing was heard from them again. Why waste the paper is my thoughts now.. Never got past the second interview stage at the job either - so ended up taking temp work.

    Finally got a longer contract working for a large well known telephone company head office about 20mins drive away. The contract was for three months back in September but I have been there ever since - but have now been told the contract will end at the end of this month (May 2008) so back in the job search ring. Have made some good friends whilst working there and will be sad to leave. Ho Hum so is life....

    I apply for jobs nearly daily on the web sites but nothing seems to happen. Mainly the temp part of the agencies call asking to put you on the books - even tho' I apply for permanent jobs. I have been a PA for over 16 years to an MD of a large world wide co. I am still young enough to move with the times but that doesn't seem to count for anything now-a-days. However - there is a job out there for me somewhere so its just a case of keeping at it. However soul destroying the process can be. I really don't want to be temp for the rest of my working life but you have to pay the bills.....
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