Truly inspired

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I've been a regular visiter to this website for some time now but have only now just signed up to the forums. I plan to use them more regularly and be both a user and contributer:T

I have read with great interest the savings some of you have made and it has made me truly inspired. I also over the past few years have saved a great amout of cash by using Greasy Palm, Credt card switching, special offers etc but haven't recorded how much I have made/saved:confused:

Therefore bearing in mind this is a new year I will start recording as I think nothing motivates you more than realising how much you have saved. So, whilst not trying to bore you too much I will now keep a track and post updates as the year goes on. Keep up the excellent work Martin - Top website! and good luck everyone:T

Big Bear
Beware the green bear on a bicycle :eek:


  • Kitleo
    Kitleo Posts: 152 Forumite
    Like Big Bear - I have frequently read and been inspired by the posts on these sites since their start, but not trusting myself with the technology and still unsure on how some bits are achieved. My moment of commitment to sign up and share came on Thursday 05.01.07, when I posted for the first time about how in the attempt to help someone by giving them 20 mins left on my parking ticket worth 40p they ended up damaging my car and have now left the county... my bill will be £136.34 - so much for the good samaritan bit. (It's under the Car Insurance site "car crash not our fault but no witnesses and other driver lying" post #18)

    Way back in 2000 I devised my own spread sheet after having struggled for about two years prior to work out how to use the Money packages in a way that was not so high maintenance. I have been using it every year since. It is run with simple macros which lists every month separately up to a year in advance or more in some cases. All expenditure from my bank account including direct debits and other payments are listed, credit cards also have a separate page so I can see what effect the payments have on the outstanding balance. I can put future amounts in and see what effect it will have at any point in time, so I know that at present I will be debt free in August 2009. However if something unexpected happens like the repair to the boiler which has just cost me £301.08 it could all change again - and of course thats not counting the car repair....

    I have been keeping my £2 coins and have a total of £76 - I seldom get them so am pleased with this even if it has taken me since their conception to achieve this pricely sum. But the question is - when do I use them? I am telling myself that when I reach £100 I will use them as an additional credit card payment - but surely with the interest saving it would be best to use now - expecially as it has taken so long to get to £76 it could be another year to reach £100, but I look upon them as my only cushion in an emergency and did use £6.00 for a hospital car park last September when I was desparate. This spent £6 niggles me so much but I had no choice but to think I really should have £82.

    I will be adding this site to my favourites and will keep an eye on your progress Big Bear. Hope you do well and look forward to hearing how its going.

    All the best
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  • Kitleo
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    Hello again ... :hello:

    I have spent the day since writing my first post on this site searching out all the money jars and counting them up. I have discovered I have £21.92 in Bronze coins. :shocked: WOW! Going to pay £10 worth in next trip to the bank and get some more bags to bag up the rest. :smiley:

    I have also been helped by the kind people on this site as to how I insert the signature line - so have taken the plunge and come out with the where's and amounts of my debt. My aforementioned spreadsheet tells me if things go to plan I can be out of debt by August 2009 :( - sounds like an eternity - but hey ho upward and onwards..

    byeee for now :wave:
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  • loubeelou_2

    I'm new here too and wished I'd found this site years ago! I'd probably be virtually debt free by now!!!

    I have scoured the forums and this is my second post - so please be gentle with me! :o

    I have been given a savings pig (well she's actually a cow called Daisy) by my Mum for Christmas and I have taken my first payment to the bank to overpay my mortgage. I have got graphs and spreadheets too and it is fabulous to see the effect such a small amount can make.:T

    I tried to do an RnR before Christmas - didn't work think somebody had beat me to it so the system had been amended. Will carry on trying (well until the policy changes anyhow!!).

    Today I have found the try me free section and am now armed with a list of items to buy over the next few months.

    I have started mystery fab!!

    I have joined quidco and bought perfume online all from recommendations on here.

    My mortgage is up for renewal in March and am hoping that the information held on here will help me save a fortune bringing my dream home a step closer!!

    I'm addicted and hope to contribute to the boards myself this year when I stumble across some bargains of my own.

    All the very best with your goals - I'm sure with MSE up our sleeves we'll achieve whatever we want. :beer:
  • Kitleo
    Kitleo Posts: 152 Forumite
    Hi Loobeelou :hello:

    How lovely to read your post. Although not sure what RnR means - I'm a bit comp illiterate to the shorthand. :think:

    My total of posts went up because I found a word game and tried it out a few times, mainly because I was in need of company and got a bit of a kick out of getting responses to what I entered. How sad is that? :huh:

    What exactly is mystery shopping? I keep hearing it and don't know what it is. To me shopping = expenditure so I keep away. I did find a link to cash rewards on one post thread, (don't know how to enter a link) but am nervous about giving my details to sites and also unsure of how it really does work - although one postie has made a few hundred with the links they have. I just would like to know more but never know who to ask.

    I am lucky enuf not to have a mortgage, so I don't have that distraction - but I will back you all the way. I will keep chipping away at the debt.

    Look forward to reading about your success

    Byeee for now :wave:
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  • jo_b_2
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    Combo Breaker First Post
    Kitleo wrote:
    Although not sure what RnR means - I'm a bit comp illiterate to the shorthand. :think:

    Hi Kitleo

    Welcome to the site. It's nice to see new people getting addicted like the older members! :o

    R+R is the abbreviation for Tesco's policy on mispriced goods. If an item scans at a higher amount than the shelf price you are entitled to a full refund and get to keep the item! R+R = Retain and Refund. :)

    Good luck with your goals for 2007! :T
  • loubeelou_2
    Hi Kitleo :hello:

    There is a full section on RnR - people have managed to get loads of beer and Xboxes free!!! Look for Tesco misprice thread (Its in Quick Grabbit while you can).

    Mystery shopping I found through the freebie section (I think!!). I have joined grgresearch (grass roots) and I have completed 5 up to now with another 2 booked. They come through regularly and you make roughly £10 for each one. They are easy to complete and if you manage to get a couple done on one outing all the better.
    I tried to join TNS they do the restaurants - but I'm not up to their calibre :rolleyes:

    Last night on my rummage I found the section on 3 magazines for £1. Takes a bit of control but could be well worth it. May join up with my sister for that one!

    I know what you mean about the responses - my first post got none - not even a welcome to the site :o How sad!!!

    I have joined the poll sites and as yet have never got anything back. You get half way through most of them and then they state that you are not eligible. Don't know if you get any vounchers/money etc for that???
    There was one I joined that sent you £4 of food vouchers for a survey - I'll dig out the details and forward it to you. It seemed to be the best to me!

    There is so much within this site and it changes daily - I just love it!!!:rotfl:

    All the best with your plans for 2007

    loubeelou :j
  • Kitleo
    Kitleo Posts: 152 Forumite
    Hello Loubeelou - and other readers :wave:

    Hope all is well - I have had a spend free day :dance: the heating has not been working for the last three days and the repair guy said it was guarantee work from when he worked on the boiler last week, which left me £301 down. So this was the best news for ages, and I have warm radiators again. :grin:

    This mystery shopping sounds very worthwhile, so I am off to examine this grass roots site - will google it - hopefully I can find it and earn some hard currency to help the quest. Will let you know how I get on.

    Tomorrow I am going to pay £10 of 1p's into the bank and get more plastic bags as I have about another £20 worth. I seldom get change, because in my attempts to keep spending to an absolute minimum I go nowhere near shops, so although I empty my purse when I can - it takes forever to build up - but thought I would start afresh for the new year.

    I do love this site - my problem is I go to so many places within it, I forget where I see things. However, if I come across anything of money saving interest I will let you know. The food coupons sound like a great find. Look forward to the link. Thanks.

    All the best and nice to chat.

    Byee for now :wave:
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  • Kitleo
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    Hi Ya all :hello:

    Oh dear - just as I thought I had turned the corner with the boiler - the programmer has packed up so had to go out and buy a new one along with the room thermostate as well :wall: and that has cost me £80.52 :(

    However the irony of it is I got a £2 coin which goes in the pot making my total £78 -

    However I am starting to think that the Deity of £2 coins is looking down on me and telling me : you save them I will make you spend them!!!!! :rolleyes2 - Well I'm not listening :whistle: 'Cos I'm a member of the £2 Coin Saving Club :beer: :rotfl:

    Hope everyone is well out there.

    Take care

    Byeeeeee :wave:
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  • MsFit
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    Very good!
    nice post
  • Kitleo
    Kitleo Posts: 152 Forumite
    Hello All :hello:

    I have been really struggling to keep ahead of the money stakes since the last post. :mad: Sometimes it really just gets away from you.... :wall:

    Boiler expense has hopefully come to an end :T - has cost another £45 having the new thermostate and programmer wired in, but hope thats it now on the boiler front. :)

    However, the washing machine stopped going around last week :shocked: - £87.71 can you believe it :rolleyes2 . He was in the house less than 20 mins and put two new brushes in the machine, which on their own cost £12.95 plus vat. What a rip off.

    But really being positive, telling myself that all the outgoings have now come to an end and and then went off to count the £2.00 coins - still only £96 but they really did look good and it was great fun putting them back in the pot one at a time. How sad is that. :cool:
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