Rufus Roo jacket review thread

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[title=]wtd_icon.gif What's this about?[/title]
[IMGRIGHT][/IMGRIGHT] Flying hand-luggage-only saves up to £40/return per person, but you can only usually take a 10kg bag. So stuffing clothes in coats has always been a good option; now a new, cheap vest-jacket launched, which you stuff like a fat suit, effectively letting you take another 10kg worth of stuff.

We asked forumites to test these new 'Rufus Roo' jackets and post their reviews and pics below. Scroll down to read them.



  • spiro
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    My jacket arrived in the post today and was small enought to be posted through a normal letter box. Inside the envelope it is packaged in a zip lock bag of the type you use for liquids at the airport so thats a useful way of not wasting packaging.

    As an initial review I thought it would be good to post full details of the jacket as the inforamtion on the Rufus Roo website is very limited.
    1) Size of the jacket - it is 27" (69cm) across the chest at the bottom of the armpits (this same measurement is 22" on a 40" chest jacket) and 33" (84cm) from top of collar to the bottom. The label on the collar says 'L' but the website makes no mention of different sizes that I saw.

    2) Size of the pockets - there are 3 pairs of pockets with one on each side.
    a) The top pair have a 22cm vertical zip and the pocket extends up to the shoulder seem and down the the top of the middle pocket.
    b) The bottom pair have a 43cm zip which goes around the side and is 31cm deep (bottom of jacket).
    c) The outer pair are on the outside of the bottom pair and have a 12cm zip and is 14cm deep. This is obviously designed to carry keys, tickets, passports etc.

    3) Weight - 311 grams.

    4) Material - 100% polyester, hand wash only.

    And now for some photos of it unladen:

    I have place a ruler over the jacket to allow you to get an idea of size.

    From the front -



    From the back (2nd one shows tail folded up) -



    I will continue to add to this post as I check the jacket out in more detail especially around pocket capacity for which I will use everyday items to try and give information everyone can relate to.

    As an example the top pockets (without going up to the top of the shoulder) could each hold 5 DVDs in standard cases with enough room for a few pairs of socks, this is probably the equivalent of a large print paperback book of the type you see at the airports.

    The main pockets will just about take a 'standard' 45cm (18") square cushion that you would have on your settee but this definitely makes the bottom of the jacket give you a Michellin man (spare tyre) appearance even on myself and I'm only a 34" waist.
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  • Baldur
    Baldur Forumite Posts: 6,565 Forumite
    Also confirming receipt of jacket today, many thanks.

    Flying in a month's time, so will post a review & photos as soon as I have access to a viable internet connection.
  • babyshoes
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    Mine arrived today too, thanks!

    Initial impression is that this jacket is functional but not great to look at - don't particularly like the combination of navy blue with red trim. Modelling it for my colleagues elicited a very sarcastic "woo, seeeexy!" I was wondering if it would fit properly as I am quite large (size 20-22), but the zip did up with room to spare. I could wear it over my winter jacket, though then it may not actually do up. It comes down to about mid thigh on me. I imagine it would swamp a size 8, 5'5" person.

    The fabric is quite thin and synthetic - not convinced it will hold the advertised 10 kg of 'stuff'... Fully expecting static shocks while wearing it.

    My boss was quite jealous (I had it posted to work in case it didn't fit through a letter box.) He often travels around Europe for a night or three for gigs, and said if he had something like that, he could easily travel hand-luggage only with his instrument as the hand luggage, and pack his toothbrush, socks, underpants, t-shirts and so on in the jacket. If I don't have problems with security when I travel, I will probably suggest he buys one!

    Am travelling this weekend, back in about a week so will post my pics and review when I am settled back at home.
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  • CheeseCat
    CheeseCat Forumite Posts: 378 Forumite
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    I got my jacket today too! I like that it comes in a bag that can be reused as a liquids bag for customs :j

    I'm going to take photos and write my review, but also planning to do a video of me packing my things into the jacket so I can show how much my stuff it held. I really hate videos of myself so we'll see how that goes:D

    I am travelling VERY early sat morning and back Monday 30th so I can get my review online pretty sharpish after that.

    I tried the jacket on and echo what the others have said - its pretty big - okay it swamps me a bit!) but I suppose they have to make sure it fits everyone who trials instead of messing with sizes and whatnot. (i'm not a skinny chick either :rotfl: )

    I'm going to be attempting to pack all my hand luggage into the jacket so I don't have to carry anything - going to pack a bag into the jacket for when I get to the other end though!
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  • superflygal
    superflygal Forumite Posts: 1,122 Forumite
    Thanks Jenny!

    Have received mine today! DH has tried it on and is looking forward to stuffing it! I am a size 14 and it is Huuuuuuuuge!

    SFG x
  • EnglishWelshie
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    Hi Jenny I received my jacket. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test it out.

    Am sat here at our hotel ready to walk up to the airport shortly. I have taken photos of items to be placed in pockets and then with them put into pockets will upload them when we return home next week. Feedback so far is that the jacket is very lightweight, pockets are of a good size. I like the fact that i can fit my handbag in it along with ipad, ds, psp, 2 cameras. I have kept a pocket for my purse and travel documents and there is still a bit of room for any items that we purchase when getting through security.
  • Lexxi
    Lexxi Forumite Posts: 2,162 Forumite
    I started packing last night, I have mostly put clothes in mine,. I have managed to fit, 3 dresses, 2 skirts, 6 tops, underwear and swim wear in the pockets with room left, I rolled everything up to fit more in but I decided to re-pack to make the pockets look a little flatter. I have had some friends take some pictures, it's like looking at a mirror for a fairground from the back view
    My husband has told me he wont be sitting with me on the plane! He thinks I look very suspicious and will be having an encounter with a rubber glove!! So I guess you would have to be fairly focused to not care what other people think. I have been very careful with what I have put in the pockets, no belts or anything that could look suspicious under x ray.
    One thing I have been noticing is that all this weight the jacket carries isn't distributed very well at all, I felt it pulling around my neck after having the jacket on for a short while, I couldn't imagine what it would be like getting delayed in it. Although I have a 6 hour wait for my connecting flight so I guess I'll be finding out.
    I was expecting to be very hot wearing a big jacket then when I saw it was without sleeves I thought it wouldn't be so bad but with the extra weight you do feel the heat pretty quick, that might say more about my level of fitness than anything else!

    I fly out tomorrow evening then have another flight early Saturday morning then on the way back I fly to the UK but a different airport I leave from, then 2 hours on the train so the jacket should get a decent amount of wear and tear for me to report back on
  • simonne15_2
    simonne15_2 Forumite Posts: 66 Forumite
    Having received the jacket at our home address my 'model' has provided the photos and will be bringing it to me in Spain shortly for my return journey. I think the facial expressions give some clue to the sense of satisfaction he will have when waddling through security so well-loaded!:rotfl:
    The only problem I have here is how to upload the photos. Help please Jenni :o
  • CheeseCat
    CheeseCat Forumite Posts: 378 Forumite
    Hi - I just wanted to say I have not forgotten my review. My review and pictures will be up tonight (it's totally my fault... I left my camera elsewhere last weekend and I didn't want to upload without the pics!)
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  • spiro
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    I'll be flying with Ryanair on Wed June 22 with my family and would love to trial one of these if still available. Last time I travelled I went with my book in one pocket and my make-up bag in the other - I looked rather hefty round the hips but what could they do? Would love to pack more away this time if I can!
    i would love to trial the rufus roo jacket as me and my husband are going to spain , as im going to have a wheelchair it would make life easier for us to have the jacket rather than struggle with 2 lots of luggage

    They all went some time ago.
    IT Consultant in the utilities industry specialising in the retail electricity market.

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