A Payment A Day - Part 11!

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*The principles of PADding*

Emily Hallett started a fantastic thread called 'a payment a day' which you can find here:

Thread 1

:T The thread was a huge success and was continued in 'A Payment a Day Parts 2-10'. Those threads can be found here:

Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 5 Thread 6 Thread 7 Thread 8 Thread 9 Thread 10

:T The thread is extremely supportive and friendly, with lots of madness and smileys to boot! It is ever increasing, which is why part 11 has now been started.

The principle of the idea is that you pay any extra money you have against a debt to clear it a little bit quicker. Not everyone makes a daily payment, but instead they save money to make a lump sum at the end of the month. You can do it anyway you want to, but join the thread and let us know how you are getting on.

Some PaD-ers have cleared their debts and are now focusing on saving following the same principal, so they still post on the thread. Anyone is welcome to join in at anytime.

Best wishes to everyone :beer:

*The numbers*

To show how well we all do, the collective amount paid to each debt, per month, will be logged here. Look how amazing the totals are sHa_clap5.gif

In 2010 the People of PAD repaid towards their debts/savings a massive:


*The Rules*

1) To assist the monthly 'counter-upper' please post your PaD in Bold, colour, large, or all three
2) Once you join, you cannot leave ;)

2011 totals:

£38,156.29 :T
£27,806.05 :T
March: £36382.55 :T
April: £28,848.98 :T
May: £36,011.35

September: £32,105.31
November: £24,540.60


  • mooomin
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    My PAD today is £1.38 into my ISA and £6.17 into my VSP which makes £7.55 please COMP :D
  • misskaytee
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    :j:j:j Yeah a lovely new shiney thread ~ Thanks FF :D

    Yesterdays total was a lovely £2655.79 :D

    This makes the June Total: £43,768.72 :T :T :T

    Fab totals ~ well done everyone :money:

    Some Ebay cash has hit my account, so ive transferred £60 :T I now owe the overdraft less than i have for a long time. all thanks to this thread :D and its lovely members x
    Everyday im shufflin':dance: Proud Padder ~ All Hail The Power of Pad
  • Well done FF for setting this up.

    Also big woo hoo for Erme :j
    With your encouragement we broke the monthly record in June. I hope you are still following the thread even if you don't feel up to participating. :wave:

    A PAD of £81.94 for me today please COMP. :D

    I won't be on for a wee bit as I am off on my sunshiney holidays this evening. :)
    Really looking forward to it particularly as I found out yesterday that it looks like my dodgy health over the last year is not going to go away. I seems I most probably have a chronic illness that, although not life threatening, I will always have. Quite a lot to get my head around so it will be nice to do it in a warm, sunny, well catered environment. :rotfl:
    PAD-ing Since 7/1/11 2012 - £2329.10 2011 - £4760.88 :money:
    NSD's April 10/10 Mar 11/12 Feb 11/12 Jan 8/8 :D
  • JayJay14
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    Morning F_F and all who follow, thanks for the new thread and a special thanks to Erme for her brilliant chearleading last month which spured us on to that fantastic total.

    Have made a 'tidy up the account' PAD of £11.41 to Te$co cc this morning, but I got it wrong so it is as untidy as ever:rotfl: Will go back into it tonight and sort it out.

    Allie - know exactly how you feel as the same happened to me about 7 years ago (only without the sunny hols - I got 8 weeks in hospital :D) My only upside is free prescriptions:rotfl:
  • Mrs_Money_Penny
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    Hi All a pad of £4 today please into my savings piggy.
    2024 Decluttering 3273 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • mrsb83_2
    mrsb83_2 Posts: 914 Forumite
    Ooooh new thread :T

    Amazing total last month!

    My usual loan payments of £494.78 today.
    Total Debt Sept 2010 - £24,132.38 / Current - £0.00/ 100% paid

    DFD - [STRIKE]Aug 2014[/STRIKE] 24th Aug 2012

    £10 a day // Jun - £64/£300 / Jul - £133/£310 / Aug - £281/£310
  • Morning all! My PaD in this nice new thread is £3.74. Spreadsheet is nicely warmed up for counting too.
    Don't worry about typing out my username - Call me COMP
    (Unless you know my real name - in which case, feel free to use that just to confuse people!)
  • Kepp
    Kepp Posts: 4,390 Forumite
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    Morning all, £174 to Lloyds please :D
    Debt at LBM Apr 2010 £28,767 Debt free as of Nov 2013 :j
  • misskaytee
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    Just wanted to share something i was thinking about while i was just washing the dishes......

    Ive only been Padding for a week, and yes i have really been pushing the payments, luckily ive had some great success with ebaying and the carboot sale i did and have padded the vast majority of the money earned.
    Well, what i was thinking while doing the dishes was how HAPPY i feel, I feel different, Optimistic, that i will clear my Bl**dy Overdraft once and for all. I feel determined and fired up to tackle my debt head on.

    Its all down to this thread, i have 2 teenaged Girls, so theres always something to spend money on, in the past when ive tried to save money up into a decent lump some to pay something off, something has always cropped up and the cash would go on that instead :o
    I see it differently now, any money i put into my padders pot is already "spent" and like yesterday when i did the carboot, before i'd even taken my first £1, i knew all the cash would be taken straight to the bank and deposited into the overdraft.
    I have a free weekend ahead, no kids, they are off to their dads for the weekend, so i could of kept some back and had a night out, but instead i'll be happy listing on ebay, knowing im dealing with my debts, not adding to them :D

    Thank you Padders :T Your posts have inspired me :D
    Everyday im shufflin':dance: Proud Padder ~ All Hail The Power of Pad
  • girlatplay
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    Managed to squeeze out another £1 before the weekend :j At least I have managed to feed my addiction today :D

    Thank you for your wonderful support last month Erme :)

    Thank you for doing this month COMP :p

    Have a lovely weekend everyone :beer:

    Gap x
    Mortgage at 12/07/2022 = £175,000
    Mortgage today = £166,457.86
    300 282 payments to go.
    House buyout fund £3,261.67/£40,000
    Random Pick Fridays = £80.01
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