OS Wednesday 29th June

Hi, this is the Daily Thread for xx (add date). This is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or slow internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred.

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Some people who chat here like to try to answer everyone. Don’t feel you have to though, a general “hi everyone, hope everyone’s well” type start does just as well

Good Morning everyone what a sticky night it was again.hence the reason I am up with the birds this morning Gave up on sleeping at around 5.00.a.m.Still I have been watching the sunrise over the River medway from my window so it has its compensations.Just got the boys from school yesterday as the heavens opened and we got drenched.The boy thought it was hilarious and were laughing so much that it really didn't matter that we were soaked to the skin.Got them back to their house and we all got dried off andchanged (good job my DD and I are similar sizes) and once they had a hot drink and some biscuits normal service was resumed.The t.v. kept cutting out as the satellite system couldn't cope for awhile but it wasn't a problem as we sat around and they all had a chance to tell me what they had been up to at school.Then Ben arrived home and I think I could have wrung him out like a dishcloth as I had never seen a lad so wet.Even his school blazer was sopping wet,but again it was a quick change and some hot chocolate and he was a cherry chap once more.Katie came in next at around 5 and she had been doing some tour guide casual days at the local Dockyard site and she said that he boat that she was on had been shut as it was too dangerous to let the tourist on as it is a steel battleship (not a good idea letting folk wander over it with torrential rain and lightening,but she was o.k. as she still gets paid.She has had an interview for a job in a nursery school but along with around 60 others its a case of waiting to see how she got on.In the mean time she is accepting any days that the Chatham dockyard offer her as any money is better than none She has worked there for over two years during the holidays from college so she knows the place inside out,DD and her OH arrived home at around 6.45 and I left to come back for my evening meal as all was shipshape and I wanted to get home to sort my own house out.its working well so far asI pick the three boys up and take them to school around 8.30. and then pop back to their house to let the dogs out at 11 into the garden and either hang out the washing or bring it in .Then again at 2.15 so the dogs can stretch their legs and water the grass then pick the boys up at 3.30 from school and get them home andtidy round and give them a snack before Mum and Dad get home between 6.15-30.I don't mind and the boys have been really good and very helpful.two of them have clubs this afternoon after school so I only have one to sort out at 3.30.Keeps me on my toes as well.:):)
NSD today as I have enough in the fridge to last for several more days at least.a quick fly around with the hoover this morning and a swish around the bathroom will be the extent of my OS today.Hope no one got too wet yesterday it certainly came down with avengence around med afternoon.
Right off to have a shower and a caffeine fix
Take care all
JackieO xx


  • Moorhen
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    Morning JackieO and all who follow,

    It was cool and fresh here last night and we all got a decent nights sleep at last, the sun is shining again this morning.

    WM is on and I am just about to get the packed lunches ready for all of us. My legs are really hurting this morning, my dance teacher really put us through our paces last night at ballet, I might not walk quite so briskly to work today.

    Last night I made a huge batch of chilli and spaghetti bolognese so that will keep us going for tea for at least tonight although DS is eating so much at the moment he must be about to grow!

    Glad to see you posting yesterday Lou, my thoughts are with you.

    Have a lovely day everyone.:)
  • Rowan9
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    Morning JackieO and all who follow.
    Bright and sunny morning here. Young dog (well 7 yrs old now but younger than our oldie!) been for a short walk in the park but the older one wasn't interested at such an early time.
    Hope the weather eases a bit down south - I think it is to get cooler for you from today which should help sleeping at night.
    Going through to Glasgow today (will wave to you JackieG) to meet DS for a while. I'm taking a picnic lunch today and hoping for a bit of dry weather. We're also going to Kelvingrove hhmm is it art gallery or museum?? - anyway, I've never been (as you can tell) so it's about time I got some culture in me.
    Had some culture of the music kind last night as DH, DD and I went to see The Secret Sisters. They were excellent.
    Hope your room is cooler today Hester.
    Chicken from Sun lunch sliced up through gravy, baked pots and veg for tea when I get back so that will be nice and easy.
    (((hugs))) to those who are feeling low, unwell or worried just now.
  • bargainbird
    bargainbird Forumite Posts: 3,771 Forumite

    Morning has broken sorry had to play it as it'so bright and sunny here :D.

    FB - W/end sounded FAB :T
    Lou - Hope they get there arses in gear today. Hugs to you xx
    JO - Blimey your busy busy busy x
    WMF - Secret sisters are they the american ones that were on jools holland hootenany ? or am i completley wrong :o - If so they are FAB i'm very jealous.

    Today - Haircut woop woop goodbye wurzel !, Mum and Dad over not sure what time ?, Tea tonight curry in the SC. All to school and work. Then 2 paid for loads of ironing.

    Have lovely days xx
    You know your getting old when you
    go to the pub sit outside
    and admire the hanging basket :cool:
    Is officially 48% tight :D
  • Rowan9
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    WMF - Secret sisters are they the american ones that were on jools holland hootenany ? or am i completley wrong :o - If so they are FAB i'm very jealous.


    Yes :). I read an interview in Sunday papers a while ago, thought they sounded interesting and watched them on Hootenany (youtube). They were so good. Lots of chat, laughs, just really refreshing as well as belting out songs. They are playing a couple of venues in England - Norwich, errr some other places (just remember Norwich as that's where we used to go to see most bands).
  • Hardup_Hester
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    Morning all
    All the usual morning chores are done, it's a nice comfy temperature here today. I need to drop some greens of for DD's guinea pig on my way to work, I give spare salad leaves to DD for the guinea pigs & she saves their compost for me, fair's fair, & DGS thinks it's hysterical that Nanna wants bags of guinea pig poo!
    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs Hester

    Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart.
  • silvermaid
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    Morning all.
    Thanks for starting the thread JackieO. Loved hearing about your day.

    Torrential rain at school yesterday so children had to stay in at lunchtime:( Luckily it stopped while I was travelling home. Then it started again with a vengeance. The garden has enjoyed the drenching and the water butts are full:)

    We will be having chicken stir-fry and egg-fried rice for dinner and unusually for a Wednesday it will be 8 of us sitting down together. Good fun, lots of chat and laughter. The boys are such good company.

    'Twas much more comfortable here overnight, so I did sleep better. The classroom was sweltering yesterday, but I'm hoping it will be cooler today.

    Hugs and prayers for those who are in need or want them,
    Cheers, Silver x
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    Groucho Marx :laugh:
    As Cranky says, "M is for mum, not maid".
  • redruby
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    Morning all,

    Beautiful day here, and much fresher in the night, had to get up and shut the windows at 4 this morning due to the birds morning chorus.

    DD and I had such a great trip, we spent the whole time laughing and giggling, the fish pedicure was amazing, and if you get the chance to go you should do, we shopped till we dropped, and had a couple of nice meals out, it was brilliant to spend such quality time with her, and something we would like to do again.

    Back to reality today and off to work, needs must though, dinner tonight is meatballs with spag, nice and easy :T

    DD has to go into school today to return her books, and collect her prom ticket, which is on Friday :T

    Hope you all have good days, hugs where needed xx
  • tru
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    Morning :hello:

    Thinking of you, Lou :smiley:

    It's much cooler here today, I feel properly awake for the first time in days. I'll spend a couple of hours in the garden this morning, weeding and putting canes up for the toms and broad beans. The chickens could do with a clean-out too.

    Baz (guinea pig) seems to have an infection in her foot, and late last night she peed a bit of blood. So we're off to the vet later.

    We're waiting for the potatoes, the flowers are dying so they're almost ready :drool: Still munching our way through spinach, raspberries, strawberries and peas - which never make it to the steamer, we eat them before making it into the kitchen :D
  • de1amo
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    Hello everyone,

    Another sunny warm day ahead.Yesterday on the weather chart it said it actualy might rain here but they have now changed their mind and its a clear day ahead. İ have never seen rain in June so it would have been a novelty!
    Yet another visit to the transplant place but today i will see the doctor so its looks like more antibiotics. DH always comes with me so she cant go to work this morning because its a mid-day appointment.
    We have got one of the 2 visas necessary for our journey to the uk, we just need the one for my daughter's friend who is coming with us. İ have got return tickets all booked for the 23-7 so we will have less than 3 weeks in the uk. İ have lots of paperwork and redecoration to do in the time theres so this is my holiday rest period i am wasting now!
    mfw'11 No68- 55k mortgage İO--little to nothing saved! i must do better.
  • Butterfly_Brain
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    Morning All

    Had a better night's sleep last night and didn't have to have the fans on.

    Lovely sunny morning so smiley-chores003.gif is on. Hopefully it will dry on the line.

    Need to clean the bathroom today (trouble with living in a very hard water area) So lemons and vinegar at the ready.

    I need to phone BG because my bill is not on line yet and I want to fix my prices

    Hopefully I will get that all done this morning which will leave this afternoon free for making a few christmas presents DD's BF loves space invaders so I am going to make him this scarf space_invaders_7_small.JPG

    Have good days all x
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones that let in the light
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