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I have come to the conclusion that bt-fon is as it says bt-fon. It is not fon as bt do not supply the correct fon router. beware before ordering a bt internet package that a true fon router is a different beast for sure. I am stuck with a 18 month contract, which is not fit for my purpose. My fault for trusting bt. The sales people will say that it is a fon router, there is a small part on bt website that tells you that if you are a virgin customer that you will need a different router, a fon router.
Do your homework check that joining bts, version of bt-fon wont use up all your internet allowance, and then leave you with a bill for extra usage. About time Martin had a look at all these. As no one seems to regulate the isp,s at the moment. Even though they spy on us, just type how to make a bomb into a search engine. And take a flight on a plane.
Tip get to the airport very early its going to take you a long time to get through security.:j:j


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    You need to redo your research on that.

    The BT hub optionally provides a FON hotspot as well as a personal one. Running that hotspot automatically gives you free access to any FON hotspot worldwide using your userid/password. Although someone using your FON hotspot will slightly slow you down none of their usage comes off your allowance.


    I initially thought this may be spam but I see you have put up a more coherent version of this question over on TBB which was answered with info on how to connect abroad as a BTFON user. I can't confirm that works as my FON access is through having a FON router not by being a BT customer. I can confirm that lots of the BTFON hotspots simply don't work for some reason or other.
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