O.S. Sunday 25th June

Good morning chums ,blimey old Riley am I first up on this beautiful morning.Sun is blazing down already and today DD and the four boys and I are going to the beach with a picnic.Probably either Westgate,or Joss Bay about an hour from where we live .Her OH Simon is staying at home as he wants to get the garden sorted out today and he's not keen on beaches.Her DD Katie is working so its just the six of us.The car will be packed with buckets and spades and sun brollys and a big bag of food I will bring the coffee and rolls and dd brings the cakes, HM of course and fruit and squash.We are very organised with the kids and the little guys are so looking forward to it.First trip to the seaside this year and the forecast is good.simon is doing a BBQ for when we get back so it looks like its going to be a nice day.I shall take my book and my knitting and my comfy chair and I sit surrounded by picnic bits and Tessa and the boys will be paddling and climbing around looking for pools with swimmy things in :):).My idea of a great day out .Hope everyone els has a fun Sunday But do cover up with suncream as its so easy to burn.
Cheers chums:D
JackieO xx


  • esmf73
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    Morning Jackie and everyone else! Well yesterday was manic at the school fair but we raised a staggering £2,800 which will be spent wisely on things to make the childrens learning fun!!! Unfortunately as I've spent my time doing the fair it means that the house, garden and garage have been badly neglected - something which I have to work on today.

    DS2 has just barked all over me - nasty sounding cough - so he probably won't be in school tomorrow - grr. Looks like it will be sunny again today. Better get washing out xxx
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    ( well that hasn't happened!!!)
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  • sistercas
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    morning JackieO and all who who cross / follow

    warm and sunny here , so will do the bedding
    need to nip to t3sco for some bits as i havent done my normal friday shop as i was in london

    DD1 is off to work soon
    DD2 is going with her
    will pick them up then nip to [EMAIL="m@talan"]m@talan[/EMAIL] as they both need clothes for school trips

    have a good day everyone
    (( hugs))) to all that need xx
  • Hardup_Hester
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    Morning all
    We had a lazy start to the day, I made us a cuppa & took them back to bed for a couple of hours.
    WM & DW are now on, LO roast turkey for lunch today with HG new potatoes & peas & beans.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs Hester

    Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart.
  • uolypool
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    Morning JackieO and everyone else.:wave::wave: gosh wasn't it warm last night.Woke up at just gone 5 and was unable to get back to sleep so crept down the stairs past sleeping woofer made a cuppa and crept back up with it and the lappy.Everyone else is still in the land of nod.We are off to the local pub this afternoon as they are having a fun day and a bbq so won't be cooking tea thats for sure:T:T. Washing is both on the line and in the machine , dishwasher is emptied and put away.Went past the lounge and noticed that 2 of ds3 sons are crashed out on the sofas :eek:they went to a friends party last night , heard what I thought was him coming in but obviously it was them coming in.Doesn't bother me as long as they have told their parents they are here.
    Need to choose and buy the paint for the kitchen today as its all ready to go , thinking of doing it a red colour as have tiles that have red, teracotta sp ?? and blue in .Decissions decissions.
    Right 5 more mins then up and washed .
    Have a lovely day all and remember to slap the sun lotion on if you have the sun today:T
    Paul Walker , in my dreams;)
  • Molly41
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    esmf73 wrote: »
    we raised a staggering £2,800 which will be spent wisely on things to make the childrens learning fun!!!

    Wow what a fabulous amount - well done to you and all parents who help out at school and make such a difference:T:T:T

    Washout of a day yesterday. I overdid it on Friday and paid the price :mad::mad::mad: Im looking forward to my dinner today as we are having home grown potatoes, french beans with gammon, parsley sauce. Yumyum x

    So slowly but surely today. Hope you all have a great day - wish I was going to the beach Jackie O xx
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  • de1amo
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    morning to everyone!

    its cooler today which is very unusual for Turkey at this time, the locals say the sun has lost its heat this year. The max temp today is 28 whereas normally it would be well up in the 30s(like yesterday).
    i still havent managed to get back to the uk because the family's visas havent happened! my wife has hers but not DD and her friend! Apparently both the İtalian and British 'offices' for these things just arent doing anything and a lot of would be holiday makers are losing their holidays. İts nasty and cost me 400 quid so far!
    İ have used my time by having a 'hairjob on Tuesday which means i cant stray far from home or the consultant at present. İ have had my hair shaved off and where the replacement has been done is covered with red antiseptic. The operation took 12 hours and the recovery is slow and boring!-i cant drink because i am on antibiotics which my wife 'enjoys' but i am on holiday at the moment!
    The in laws have gone to our holiday home but sadly we cant join them. i love my MİL's non-stop food provision whilst we are there but if i cant drink most of the nightime fun would be lost!-im sure having a full head of hair will be worth it!(i keep telling myself)!
    No idea for today. DD and DH are still sleeping soundly and it 9,45!-i might put my battery back on my voltswagon and fire it back into action. There is a camping trip next weekend with the vw club to the place our holiday home is so i feel i need to get 'Larry' the Beetle ready for the 40 mile trip.
    mfw'11 No68- 55k mortgage İO--little to nothing saved! i must do better.
  • jackieglasgow
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    Morning All,

    Been a bit mia recently, but I am raring to go again. I am on annual leave now for a fortnight, and am actually only working about twelve or thirteen days this summer in total, if I remain in my current job, so I plan on getting sorted out at home, and having lots of fun days out with the boys and wee Coco.

    It is damp here atm, but I am hoping the sun will still appear as promised, I have my white sheets in for a boilwash, and want to get them into the sun to bleach. DS2's birthday tomorrow, he is getting a new bike, which was promised last summer :o and I bought him lots of bits and pieces from his football team, and he's getting a gift basket with those. :) Still not sure what we are doing because of the weather and almost every one of his friends is on holiday, but he had his party last week, so at least he had some sort of celebration with them.

    Hope everyone is well, JackieO I want to you adopt me, please say yes!

    Jackie xxx
    mardatha wrote: »
    It's what is inside your head that matters in life - not what's outside your window :D
    Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory. - Ghandi
  • Moorhen
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    Morning everyone,

    Have a lovely day at the beach JackieO and well done on that fund raising emsf73.

    Here the sun is not quite out yet but it looks hopeful, yesterday was damp and humid all day and for the first time in weeks I had to give up and use the TD.

    Today it is church and then I plan to tidy the house! I am going to have ago at DD2s bedroom before she gets back from her trip (that should take me all day).

    We are going to have a barbecue for tea tonight so I need to put the ribs on to marinate this morning and make a potato salad.

    Hester, I have just found your blog and seen you in the dress, you looked beautiful.

    Have a lovely day everyone.:)
  • Bitsy_Beans
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    Morning my lovelies :D

    Thick white cloud here. Heatwave? What heatwave??!!!
    Anyway kids have got a party at an animal farm this afternoon so this morning will be spent dragging my butt into gear. I've done an hours yoga so now how legs like jelly LOL Need to push vac round and do the usual ENDLESS tidying up grrrrrrr

    Tea? No idea :o Kids will probably be eating at party so not sure usual roast will be done unless we have it lunchtime.......

    JackieG - Nice to see you posting :D Have missed your prescence x

    JackieO - <insert green with envy icon> I want to live close enough to a beach. Sorry but Weston Super-on Mud does not count as a beach, sorry :o

    esmf - well done on the money raised :T:T

    Hugs and spoons all round. have a great Sunday OS or not.

    PS. I am thinking of starting a blog <gulp> anyone got any tips?
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    edited 26 June 2011 at 9:46AM
    silvermaid wrote: »
    G'day all,
    Been mia recently so don't know what's been going on. Last I news I got was the handfasting - HH - glad your celebration went so well:)

    I am in bereavement, work and visitor turmoil and haven't even meal planned.

    I wish everyone all the best and send hugs to those who need or want.

    With love, Silver x

    Bereavement? Have I missed something while globe trotting? ((hugs))

    Well I have been MIA just scan reading when possible. We have visitors at the moment and of course, Wimbledon.

    Went to a old friend's who now lives out here "Summer Party" yesterday very pleasant. We all had to hide in the shade!!

    Think Spain has nabbed your sun De1amo as it is hotter than normal for June here. Rather interested in the results of your "hair job" DS lost his around 20, now just had it v. short, but none on the top, and he has always said if he every got the money he would have it done.

    Having a good time, out and about showing the visitors some of the sights/shops/markets, then back to chill and dive in the pool to cool off. Today we have decided on a chill day, they are not up yet, and then maybe the Chinese later.

    OS??? - Oh yes, fridge tombola for lunch :D

    Take care all and (((hugs))) where needed. DG
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