Unoffical Existing Customer Balance Transfers

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The following thread is for people to post what Balance transfer offers they have actually !been given by their existing credit card companies. !To see the context of this thread please read my article 'the Credit Card Shuffle' by clicking


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember this is about EXISTING customer balance transfers, it is not the 'new cardholder offers. What would be helpful is if you noted when you got the card, and how long you'd had it when they gave you asked for a new balance transfer deal.
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  • i have just been offered a capital one platinum card
    with a 4.9% on balance transfer for life and 10.9%
    on new purchases :D
    stay lucky!
  • A British Airways AmEx Credit Card offers 4.9% for the life of the balance. There's no minimum spend on the card, but when you do it's 19.9% (ouch)! >:(

    Just make sure you use it for business claims and rack up those BA miles... :P
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    I got an MBNA AOL Mastercard in January 2002. Started off with 1.9% for 6 Months on Balance Transfers, then called again and got 1.9% for another six months. After that finished they called me and offered me 2.9% for 9 months which runs out in October.
  • Sorry to post this here Martin, but there seems to be a few intellectually-challenged posters :P using this site.
    My Barclaycard deal is as follows and you too can get the same deal...

    The minimum spend for a Platinum Barclaycard is 1p per month including 0% on balance transfers. It also costs nothing to transfer the balance onto the Barclaycard! ;D

    Anyway - great site and keep bringing on those money-saving tips! ::)

    Yes I like using smileys :-[
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    i have an Abbey National Credit Card and in May they sent me some cheques thru the post encouraging me to transfer any debt to them for 6 months at 3.9%. i failed to do this at the time and last week i came across the cheques laying around again. so i phoned them up to ask if the offer was still available and they said no but the chap on the phone transfered me to another dept where they said that there was a new one coming up at the end of july and if they took my details of any credit cards i could transfer across any balances until Feb 2004 at only 1.9% - so its definately worth phoning up your credit card company to find out if there are any offers about - also saying that you will transfer a sizeable amount, in my case around 2 grand should help. ideally i'd like to pay all my debts off ! but while there still there at least im not paying any / much interest :o)
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    I was offered 2.9% as a lifetime balance transfer rate from American Express Blue and 4.9% from American Express Gold ;D

    I have also received my 0% offer from Barclays. ;D
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    ;)I have two Credit Cards, one for Virgin and the other Abbey National. Last month the 0% interest for 6 months with Virgin expired and they started hitting me with late charges etc. totaling about £80.00 in one month, I wanted to transfer Virgin's balance to my Abbey National card but I couldn't because they are both the same company i.e. MBNA.

    I rang Abbey National and they offered to put £3,000 in my current bank account at a rate of 2.9% until January 2004, which meant I could pay my Virgin card off. The only problem is that I still have to pay off the existing Abbey National balance at a rate of 18.9% before I can start paying off the £3,0000.
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    First Direct are not playing this game >:(

    22-Jul-2003 17:00

    To: Ms J C

    Re: Visa Account

    Thank you for your message dated 20 Jul 2003.

    Unfortunately we are unable to change the rate on your current card. If you wish we could convert your Credit Card into a Gold Card. This has a standard APR of 13.9% as opposed to your current APR of 14.9%.

    There is however a low usage fee of 20 pounds on the Gold Visa, if you do not spend 1,200 pounds a year on the card then the fee is incurred.

    Please call us or apply online if you wish to go ahead with a Gold Visa.

    Please contact us if you require anything further.


    Rick Bailey
    Card Services
  • me2me2 Forumite
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    Liverpool Victoria Visa card offer existing customers Balance Transfers for 6 months at 0%
    (offer is valid until end of August I believe)

    They allocate monthly payments to new purchases ahead of your BT is interest free for longer and you can pay off the balance relating to your purchases.

    (this is the opposite of Barclaycards 0% for life offer)
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    I recently got a Barclaycard under the infamous 0% offer and transfered my balance from my LloydsTSB card.

    LloydsTSB called the other day to say they had noticed my balance had reduced alot (funny that). I told them what I had done and they put me on hold for a while and came back and said I could have 1.9% on balance transfers for 12mths or 0% for 6.

    Certainly a lot better than the 5.9% they tried to offer me before I explained what I had done. Don't think I can be bothered changing again now; the irony is if they had offered me the 6mths 0% up front I wouldn't have moved the balance to BC.
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