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June 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 May 2011 at 9:18PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • pepsi-kinspepsi-kins Forumite
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    Hi All,
    Don't know how but I've managed to spend less than I thought, I keep a spending diary and religiously keep it up to date, when I checked this against my signature here, I had spent less, so thats good. I've done a shops at sainsbugs this week, as I had an £8 off £40 spend,, i'll do the same next week and use the last of the vouchers they sent, might have to stock up on a few bits, as I don't think I really need £40's worth of food, but it will all come.
    Need to menu plan, as the only meals left on my list is curries, and there's only so many of those you can eat in a week!
    Have a good week everyone x
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  • Living_proofLiving_proof Forumite
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    A fairly quiet shop for me today. It's hard to know what to make of the salad and veg situation, but hey! we have to eat. I got THE most enormous pineapple in Lidl for £1. I buy one every week anyway and have a 1" slice for breakfast. I kid you not, the one today is about a foot high so should last two weeks! I don't expect to do much more shopping except fresh stuff and milk for the rest of the month, as I hope to be away from 28th and will have to eat everything up before then. I hope the drought in the south and the e-coli scare doesn't mean that the food people are confident of buying will go up greatly in price, because a lot of the posters here are having trouble coping as it is. I hope you all find at least one really good bargain this weekend, 'cos it lifts the spirits without lightening the purse unduly.
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  • Hi, just updated signature with a few spends. I did a stock take of my freezer the other day & calculated that I had at least 75 people's worth of meals in there which even with 4-6 of us in the house, still equates to around 18 days worth. It actually made me feel quite stressed seeing how much was in there!

    Hippeechiq - I hope your DD has better luck this week with the medical investigations. It must really be getting her and you down with it all. Even without any mental health problems, it must be very depressing for anyone to be in constant physical pain and the fact that the doctors have not as yet discovered the reason for the pain, must be ever so difficult. Big hugs to you.

    Spiggle - where are you hun, we miss you.
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  • ChlorisChloris Forumite
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    Okay, farm shop done at last. Sausages, sausagemeat, bit of bacon, tray of eggs and a ham joint. Signature updated. It is looking tight but apart from a chicken, maybe, we have all the meat and eggs we need. The freezer is packed.

    Hippeechiq hope the investigations give your daughter some answers. x
    Spigs hope you are okay. x
  • Flat_EricFlat_Eric Forumite
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    I had my Mr T order today which has taken a large chunk of my budget but I am hoping that I have shopped well (for want of a better word) and that my remaining shops of the month will be small. I think the trick will be to perhaps visit the Mr T Metro once a week for the odd item - yogurt / bread / fruit and not five times a week like in May!

    A word of caution if you have home delivery. I ordered two packs of steak - both packs were charged at the same price which I thought was strange. On checking, I have noted that one pack was cheaper! so I have contacted customer services to arrange a refund. When I am unpacking my shopping, I am mentally ticking things off the list but I never think to check the price labels on the items which are price on day of delivery (because of the weight) I shall be more observant in future.

    I made a banoffee pie today and I am disappearing now to get a huge slice!

  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Nipped to Mr S for a couple of things I forgot when I went on Thursday. Pack of basics ham, basics nappy bags and some Mr S own brand crisps for lunches next week.

    I have done my meal plan up to and including the 22nd and if I stick to the list it will come to £30 if I can use my last few nectar points.

    The good news is I found half a pack of nappies at the back of DS wardrobe so I will not need any more until after pay day...phew...Did notice I had less bread in the freezer than I thought so I will need to buy a couple of loaves to get us through to the end of the month.

    DH has been out for a couple of beers with his friend and is snoring in the chair...that's saved me a meal on the meal plan for him lol:rotfl::rotfl:
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  • cat_smithcat_smith Forumite
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    Had some whoopsied Mr T Finest Sirloin for dinner. Not a patch on th DR. Think less frequently and better is the way to go.
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  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    I started last month so organised, and I was noting everything I spent, and in what category into a spreadsheet. Never done that before, and it was a real eye opener. Trouble is, got to about the 23rd of the month, then stopped! And I spent quite a bit of money in those last few days! I am determined to do better this month, and I have set up the spreadsheet again. Not doing to badly so far gc-wise, I have spent £23.60 out of my £100. This is really good for me, as I'm normally over half way by now!! I like the fact that I have spent 23% of my money, although I have only had 13% of my month. Still tomorrow will be a nsd - my children have asked for a lazy day (where we choose whether or not to get dressed, and we just stay indoors or in the garden, playing with toys, watching telly, doing gardening, etc) as we have been out somewhere every day this half term holiday. Which is lovely, but sometimes you just need to shut the world out and play with your toys!! Hopefully Monday will also be a nsd, as i start a new role at work and so will be busier (and earning more!;)). This would put my month gone at 20% vs a spend of 23%, which i will be much more happy with.

    Have decided that it is stupid for me to do a big monthly shop at the beginning of the month, as it sets me up to fail with my budget, and I don't need the stuff anyway. Was reading the feeling weird about shopping thread earlier, and I was agreeing whole-heartedly with it - I go because that's what I've always done, and that's what i feel i should do. Duh!! If i have the stuff in my house, i don't need to go and buy it again!! Oh my word - I bet the rich version of me would be giving me a right good a$$-whooping if they could meet me!! And i was just browsing in AP and DR - WHY!!!!! I don't need anything!

    Hope everyone is well and resisting temptation/habits better than I am this month!

    PG x
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  • slbhillslbhill Forumite
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    Am having an absolute nightmare!

    Have lost count of what I've spent on groceries.

    Half term, had a menu plan, but everynight someone has wanted something different, so I have given up :mad:

    Don't feel too bad about it Pixie - you're becoming more aware of your spends which will help, and you'll soon find a system that works for you. Don't just give up til next week, jump right back onto that bandwagon, we've all fallen off on occcasion!

    Menu plans work really well once everyone gets used to them, but they can take a lot of effort to get up and running. Might it help to ask everyone what they think should be on it and try working round that? Let each person choose what you'll be having on a particular day next week, then you'll have some support trying to stick to the plan! Or something along those lines, whatever works for you is the right answer! Good luck, hope it starts to come together for you soon.
  • Tracey.32Tracey.32 Forumite
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    Well as predicted, no shopping till the child returned from her dads yesterday. Not sure he feeds her enough cos she comes home and I can't keep her out of the fridge!

    Went to Mr M's earlier (grocery shooping on a Saturday night ... my life is SO rock and roll!) and spent £26. Didn't get everything I wanted - they had no satsuma family pack for £1, nor the 16 fab lollies for £2.19. I did get: 2 x Persil washing-up liquid £1.60; little gems and spring onions 2 for £1; 2 loaves of bread for £1; 2 x 4 pints milk £2. AND a whole cooked chicken reduced from £4.49 to 99p!! - this was about 15 minutes before closing.

    Menus planned so hoping not to need anything else for next week, and I'm happy with my spends so far. Pre-GC I would probably have spent double by now - I'm already more conscious of what's going in the trolley. Baking tomorrow - weetabix cake and banana muffins I think (got a coupla squishy ones to use up).

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone :wave:
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