What do suggest in my shower - stool or chair?

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I don't have a bath just a double sized walk in shower with three grab handles. I get dizzy, especially when standing and washing my hair, and find bending impossible to do my lower legs and feet.

I have to pick the time, during the day, to shower and haven't the energy to do it at the same time as washing!!!! So me thinks time to look at sitting/perching on (not sure which) a chair or stool.

Also, at the basin, I can sit on the loo to shave and wash but possibly the shower chair/stool may be better.

So what would your advice be and where can you get one without the high costs of the specialist suppliers?


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    I know someone who uses a garden chair, it's just a cheap White plastic one from a garden centre / DIY store. They are light weight and made to be outdoors in the rain etc so the shower doesn't damage it like a folding chair (can't rust).

    He places it on a couple of none slip shower mats so it doesn't move.

    But it might be best to speak to your OT to see if they can supply something purpose made.
  • FleurDuLys
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    I used to use a stool I got from IKEA, it was only six quid and perfectly sturdy :)
  • sueturnersmith
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    Lidl do the mobility ones from time to time at cheap prices.
  • Ma_Boswell
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    My mum actually got a prescription for hers ( she has various health issues) - nice little chair from the mobility shop with grippy feet and adjustable legs. Might be worth asking your doctor?
  • Tehya
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    Hi, get an OT assessment from Social Services and you'll probably be given a chair free of charge, we even got 2 perch stools too. They'll even adjust it so it's at the right height for your needs. I suffer with extreme vertigo (menière's disease) and the chair is my safety net in the shower.
  • Becc4
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    contact your gp for a referal to OT, local hospital outpatient waiting list are normally shorter than social serives OTs. they will be able to do full assessment of things you may need.
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  • luminated
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    Becc4 wrote: »
    contact your gp for a referal to OT, local hospital outpatient waiting list are normally shorter than social serives OTs. they will be able to do full assessment of things you may need.

    Thanks for the tip. I am seeing my GP today so will see what he has to say.
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    I would suggest a chair, definitely. However, whatever you do have please, for your own sake, ensure it is secured properly and doesn't present any risk to you when you are using it or getting into/out of it.

    When we moved to this house, I filled in a "Self Assessment" form online with my local Social Services and, it has to be said, they were very quick to respond indeed - the house already has some disabled modifications (done before we got it) but when I got the phone call from the OT (literally a couple of days later) they were discussing the aids with me and could they replace them (if judged necessary) or was there any other sort of help they could give? Within a week, I had a stable trolley for my wife to use to help her transport hot drinks from the kitchen to the front room safely.
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    We had a wheelchair adapted shower already installed in our house when we moved into this house but no seat or grab rails, we contacted social services within the council who arranged for us to have grab rail and a chair with arms for the shower and a perching stool for by the sink.
    Only took 3 weeks from the time I requested an assesment & receiving the items
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    I use a folding chair that came from IKEA (£7) in mine. It'll need replacing eventually, but it doesn't look institutional and gives support/balance to a greater degree than a stool.
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