Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner for £179 from Samba (Value £410 including delivery)

I am so interested to buy this robot vacuum cleaner, does anyone here has bought one before? I cannot find much information on the net but groupon in france has sold 4804 robot

cleaning robot.

Samba presented by

Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner for £179 from Samba (Value £410 including delivery)

Classic embarrassing dance moves include mimicking household chores such as screwing in light bulbs, washing the dishes, and performing the paperwork polka. Try a more sophisticated samba with today's Groupon: £179 instead of £410 for a robotic household cleaning device from Samba.

The "intelligent cleaning robot" is a hands-free, effort-free vacuum cleaner, making chores more chipper. Making dish cloths look like dunces and feather dusters seem futile, the machine can vacuum a vestibule, and clean any cranny at the click of a couple of buttons. Resembling an electronic turtle, this Samba cleaning robot is encoded to eliminate the dust and dirt, shifting like an amphibian between tufty carpet terrain and smooth linoleum landscapes. Sensory technology allows the machine to detect particularly dirty spots, with powerful batteries enabling it to clean up to four rooms before needing a recharge.

Avant-garde Groupon holders can welcome a futuristic new member into their family in the form of a robotic housekeeper. The robot cleaner comes with one "virtual wall" to mark out an area to clean. The machines are guaranteed for two years, and will be replaced at no cost if they fall short of this mark. Groupon grime-busters can expect their cleaning robot within six weeks of ordering.

How it works:

1. Buy your Groupon
2. We email you the voucher after the deal ends
3. Voucher activates on Thursday 26 May 2011 at 3pm
4. Go to
5. In the checkout, enter your voucher codes


Intelligent, cleaning robot.


  • OohSoHollyOohSoHolly Forumite
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    I got the email for this too! Was extremely tempted but couldnt decide on it. I was just majorly concerned it was either too good to be true, or it would end up in my Cupboard after 2 goes. Dyson replacement?
  • libertysurflibertysurf Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    Hi – I bought this i-robot Roomba for £299 from John Lewis

    It is fantastic! It is my 3rd one – my old one does the garage – the current one the house. [One is dead]. It is effortless to use.
    But I have never heard of Samba. It looks similar to the i-robot. And the RRP is how much!?

    [PS Dyson not redundant. Needed for corners and tight spots, and spider patrol :) ]
  • steven504steven504 Forumite
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    I would stay well away, It looks like a fly by night company with no proper contact details.

    So probaly a cheap chinese one that cant buy anywere on ebay rebranded.
    Lets not use quidco
  • LubeLube Forumite
    1.5K Posts
    I would stick with a normal vacuum cleaner I think this robot cleaners are just a gimmick. I bet price is inflated too
  • IanslIansl Forumite
    6 Posts
    I really wouldnt touch this with a barge pole. I think it is probably some cheap crap iRobot copy. You can get the same sort of thing from eBuyer every so often. I made the mistake of buying one and they are poor.

    I have an iRobot Roomba and have used it for years. It is great but you have to have a tidy home as it doesnt like clutter on the floor or wires that it can get caught on.
  • sharkmarksharkmark Forumite
    257 Posts
    Lube wrote: »
    I would stick with a normal vacuum cleaner I think this robot cleaners are just a gimmick. I bet price is inflated too

    I presume Lube you have a robot cleaner and you are experienced in using one (or are you just sharing your opinion on robot cleaners?)

    I have a Dyson, a Henry and a Roomba robotic vacuums so am fairly well placed to pass judgement on the differences between each. I also have hard floors throughout my house. If you have carpets then forget robot cleaners - they don't work well as they tend to sweep rather than suck dirt into the collector.

    However if you have wooden floors then robot cleaners are fantastic IF you spend a bit on them. The cheaper ones from Ebuyer and the like break and the batteries die quickly. The Roomba one I paid £150 for from Makro has been nothing short of fantastic. I've never regretted buying it and it's saved us an enormous amount of time and effort. It also patiently vacuums near the skirting, and automatically spends more time on dirtier spots. It heads back to the base unit to recharge itself if necessary before setting off again to finish the room... it's literally a labour saving device that in about 10 years everyone will have. Right now people think they are 'gimmicky' who've never owned one, but those who have generally give them very good reviews.

    I for one would recommend one BUT only if you have hard floors. They do not work well on carpet as I said.

    As for this one - I'd stay well clear - it's an unknown brand and you'd be better going for a Roomba in my opinion...
    Tesco is my second home
  • chunky_teddychunky_teddy Forumite
    540 Posts
    eerrrrrm, how do i cancel?
  • ciancian Forumite
    22 Posts
    eerrrrrm, how do i cancel?

    Completion of transaction and your right to cancel: The contract to buy is complete when we send you an email confirming this. The Voucher will be sent to you in a second email shortly after. You may cancel the transaction by writing to us (preferably by email to [email protected]) within 7 working days of Voucher receipt (prior to any redemption of the Voucher being made.)

    (this is a fine print at the bottom of the form where you click to submit your order so you should still be able to cancel it without any problem -- assuming you bought it from groupon?)
  • Picasso7Picasso7 Forumite
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    Actually, I don't agree that the Roomba is no good on carpets. I have one and it's brilliant. I had a very old carpet which I couldn't afford to replace and when I first got the Roomba, I set it on the carpet three times, just to be sure. A friend came round, didn't know I had the Roomba and asked if I had had it cleaned as it looked lighter! The only carpet it isn't so good on is an offcut which is at present in one room and I think it's a cheap synthetic -- seems to attract dirt and Roomba finds it hard. But it's great on all the other carpets.

    We gave Mum one for Christmas -- she's in her 80s -- and it has done her mental health a huge amount of good too as she can now clean her own house and she is much happier. Me, I just hate hoovering and Roomba is the best thing I have ever bought. It's also brilliant for getting under the beds where a hoover can't reach. I just wish it would do stairs too!
  • eccles-cakeeccles-cake Forumite
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    This brought back some memories! My OH bought one of these via an internet forum probably about 6/7 years ago. The hoover wasn't much cop, though fascinating to watch. It commited suicide one day whilst we where at work by toppling down the stairs! yes, i am a gadget widow. it was quite cute but pointless. :rotfl:
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