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Daffy's 'patchwork dreams' diary

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  • retiredandskintretiredandskint Forumite
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    Ooh, more people, how exciting! :j :j :D

    Hanb, goodness me woman! :eek: Go and do something more interesting than catching up with my last 4 months! :eek: Short version - finished the PhD and became Dr Cheery :D and am now working full time :eek: That's about it on the important stuff front :D

    You forgot the underwear buying session :rotfl:

    On page 2 already, so much reading to keep up to date.

    I'm twice your age but I love the cheeriness and energy of your diary :)
  • se999se999 Forumite
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    Hi Cheery, love the idea of a trapeeze lesson and the nice undies sounds good too. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.
  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Why not be MSE and start training for the trialtholon instead of SW? (No problem if SW will help, but I'm sure that Mr C could pretend to weigh you each week on a Wed and Tut or Cheer as appropriate) ;)

    Tried that NL :o At the minute I need both :D But I'm going to pay for 12 weeks upfront, and don't intend to pay at all after that because I will have reached my target and it's free :D
    InaPickle wrote: »

    I need to join you on the weight loss and decluttering fronts. I have too much of both of those. I've heard good things about SW, but the food combining is a bit confusing to a novice from what I've heard. You aren't supposed to eat carbs and protein together, are you? That's the Hayes diet that I've heard about, at least. Is SW as extreme? I couldn't survive without lasagna, that's for sure, but SW would be worth considering, otherwise. Advice, please! :)

    Sleep tight, and dream happy Cheery. :) :cool:

    I don't find SW confusing at all Pickle (I have other issues with it, but not confusing ones :rotfl:) Certainly no need to survive without lasagne! I believe the idea is that nothing is banned :D

    I don't eat meat, so do all 'green' days, so can eat as much as I like of pasta, rice, veg, fruit, beans, pulses, lentils, eggs, fat free dairy etc. Then I add in a bit of fibre (so bread, or nuts, or meat, or fish), and a bit of calcium (dairy etc), and then everything else gets 'counted'.

    I believe the 'red' days you can eat as much meat, poultry, fish, fruit, veg etc as you like (all properly prepared, of course, not KFC! :rotfl:), but you have a limited amount of pasta, rice etc. Still unlimited fruit and veg (and probably other stuff too).

    I believe they've made it even more straightforward now with a new 'extra easy' plan anyway, but not done that one myself as I don't eat meat so don't need to. There's a sample menu on their website.

    Good luck for the interview!

    So - today is a busy one! Have got a plan for the day, will post in a minute...
  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    So, plan for the day....

    Before 9am:

    * shower
    * quick clean round kitchen
    * quick clean round bathroom

    Work 9-11

    * find cash book
    * 15 mins declutter

    Work 11.30-1

    * lunch :D

    Work 2-5 (with a brief cuppa, of course)

    * Slimming world at 5
    * ring friend
    * sort out card to post with dishcloth
    * clothes and lunch for tomorrow
    * swimming lesson 8.30 (see NL, I'm on the case with that too! :D)

    Er, that's it I think! (hope :rotfl:)

    Best crack on with it! :j :j Weekly plan coming later - already written but it's upstairs (and it's nearly 9am!)
  • KarmacatKarmacat Forumite
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    Happy New Diary! My word, this has gone fast - hope your day's plan is going well. Hmmm, maybe I need to plan my days a little bit like yours, it can be difficult to do otherwise.
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  • DedicatedDFWDedicatedDFW Forumite
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    Hiya Cheery and Happy New Diary :j

    Settles down with a cuppa :coffee: and some cheese crackers :D

    Loving all the energy and goals hon, will be reading with interest. :) x
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  • redsquirrel80redsquirrel80 Forumite
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    Happy new diary.. am loving the patchwork plans - lots of luck with it all! :T
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  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Thanks you lot! :D Although I've now realised that you all call me Cheery on here, not Daffy, and that's what I should have called my diary :rotfl: :rotfl: Evidently wasn't awake last night! :rotfl:

    Work going well this morning :j :j :j Although I did ring a local authority to get a name of someone, and the call centre wouldn't tell me, saying 'Is this a sales pitch? We don't respond to them' :eek: Absolutely not! :eek: :rotfl:

    Ah well, onwards and upwards :D
  • EssexHebrideanEssexHebridean Forumite
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    You're Daffs to me, Daffs! :D Title looks just fine! Lovely new diary - I love them - to the extent that I might have to starthingking about a new one for myself at some stage....but not enough has changed at the moment - maybe I'll hold out until September!

    Lovely plans, am especially interested in your get fit and tone up plan (NOT "diet" - I don't DO diets!) as I too am trying something similar at the moment so we can cheer one another on!
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  • InaPickleInaPickle Forumite
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    Cheers, Cheery! :D Am just off for a pre-testing shower and hair straightening session.

    Enjoy your evening and I think I might have to consider the whole SW thing, although with living at home and not entirely being in charge of the food, I find it difficult to do things like that. *Has a little ponder*
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