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Daffy's 'patchwork dreams' diary

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Daffy's 'patchwork dreams' diary

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
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Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
Pour yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair, I can't half talk when I get going! :rotfl:

After nearly a year rambling on, I've decided it's high time to start a sparkly brand new diary to step up to a whole load of new adventures :j :j

A little bit about myself briefly (there's more at the start of the old thread)... I'm 31, live with Mr Daffs (Rock Star Boyfriend), and work full time - 2 days of which involve a 4 hour round commute, and the other 3 days involve walking upstairs to the attic :rotfl:

I've spent most of my life *not* working full time, and I intend to get straight back to *not* working full time in one job as soon as this contract's over :D I absolutely adore my job, but I like to do lots of other things too - what I want is a beautifully varied Patchwork Life :j :j :j

So... in order to do that, I need a money-related plan (so I don't become reliant on full time work), and a cheery skills-and-cheery-things plan :D

I don't have any debt any more (hooray! :j :j :j), but I also don't have much in the way of savings either :o

So - here's the overall plan:

* £10,000 in patchwork living fund by December 2012
* decent emergency fund just in case
* plenty of little weekends away :D
* enough to pay annual bills without scrabbling around :o

And here's how I'm going to do it:

* £400 a month into patchwork fund
* any spare/extra cash into patchwork fund
* £100 a month to emergency fund
* detailed budget and PAYING MYSELF FIRST

I also have lots of none money plans... but I shall write another post with those in... :D

:j :j :j Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a right rolicking ride! :j :j :j


  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Sooooooo, now for the other plans :D

    (I should point out that I do MUCH better at things when I follow instructions and have other people to encourage me, or somewhere to go each week etc, so lots of this is based around that!)

    In no particular order.....

    * our house is gorgeous, but it is also full of TOO MUCH STUFF, and I must confess to not thinking housework is awfully interesting.. :rotfl: :rotfl: Flylady has worked for me in the past, and so she shall be turned to again. My sink has been shined, and I am eagerly awaiting the next instructions :D

    * the garden is currently mid-project and resembles a building site. Lots of plans - but since none of them involve spending much money, they all tend to happen pretty slowly... :o :rotfl:

    * I am getting rather podgy and slovenly :o :rotfl: I gave up Slimming World for very good reason a while back, but I have to admit it works, so tail between my legs, I am going back :o I am also entering a triathlon in the autumn - it's worked before scaring me into doing plenty of exercise, so it shall work again :rotfl: (this will also involve learning to swim again...)

    * I'm a great believer in doing daft things just for the sake of it now and again :D And so my end-of-PhD present to myself was trapeze lessons :eek: I've been putting these off...

    * I've been getting rather-tooooooo-used to a full time wage of late... this is NOT part of the long term plan, so spending diaries will be turned to once again, and matters brought firmly in hand! :money::money:

    * I generally have a goals list for each month, and also 3 months and 6 months. That's been working well for a couple of years now, so I will post those at the start of each month, and let you know how I've done at the end :j :j :j

    I reckon that's enough self-improvement intentions for now, don't you??? :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • InaPickleInaPickle Forumite
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    *Brings in glass of Coke and some chocolate digestives*

    I like the sound of that, Cheery - particularly the not-having-a-full-time-job aspect. I may need to take a leaf from your book. Or a page, rather! ;)

    Right, I'm loving all this, but I have no right to be here: I have tons of homework due for Wednesday, and I've done nothing since coming home from work at 6 pm. :eek:

    I'm going downstairs for another glass of Coke and then I will be working at 9. I have to report back to you here on our new thread to let you know how much I got done tonight. Get your stern face on, Cheery! :rotfl:
    Please call me 'Pickle'
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  • hanbhanb Forumite
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    Ohhh I'm not caught up on the other thread yet! (although I have kept an eye on your blog :))

    I'm off to get a giant mug of tea and finish catching up on the old thread so I'm ready for this one!

    Good luck with all your plans, I really need to get my a$$ in to gear and make my own! I have learned my lesson in not buying wokout dvd's that a) are recommended on here and b) have shred in the title!!
  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Hanb, ignore the other thread, it's just waffling on anyway, why not just start afresh on this one! :D And get that Shred out! :rotfl: I shall be doing the same thing :D

    15 minutes at a time Pickle! :j :j But don't go checking in here every 15 minutes :rotfl:

    I've been and checked the Slimming World website - I won't be able to make the same group every week because of work, but there's 2 groups both Mondays and Wednesdays within walking distance, and I always work at home at least one of those days (and they're both run by the same person) so I really don't have any excuse.

    And of course, Monday is tomorrow... :eek: So no chance of talking myself out of it by Wednesday then :rotfl: :D Will report back...
  • Souk08Souk08 Forumite
    3.2K posts
    Woo! Enjoy Cheery XXX
    'The road to a friends house is never long'
  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Thanks Souk :D

    You've reminded me that I'm also on a mission to only wear glamourous and beautiful and non-holey underwear ALL THE TIME! No excuses! :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I SHALL be elegant and fabulous, I shall! :j :j :j
  • hanbhanb Forumite
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    I'll feel like I'm cheating if I don't catch up :o

    Has anything exciting and/or significant happened in the last 4 months I should be aware of? If it's you working far too much, drinking lots of tea and the odd cake then may get away with it.. :)

    Mmm tea!
  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    I love the idea of your Patchwork fund that is excellent idea, I am aiming in a semi serious way for 5,000 by the end of the year......will be reading with interest
    Debt Free as of 26/07/19 (third time is the charm!)
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  • The_DragonThe_Dragon Forumite
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    Happy patchworking :D
    Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with catsup :D
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  • Souk08Souk08 Forumite
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    Cheery my mantra is 'If in doubt throw it out' on that one!
    'The road to a friends house is never long'
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