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MSE News: Asda, Morrisons and Tesco cut petrol prices

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MSE News: Asda, Morrisons and Tesco cut petrol prices

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Three major supermarkets cut diesel and unleaded prices following a sharp drop in the cost of oil ..."


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    oldagetravelleroldagetraveller Forumite
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    Possibly in la la land but not in my neck of the woods! Diesel is still 140.9p/litre at my two nearest Tesco stores (6 miles to each). The same as Shell and Esso outlets in the same vicinity.

  • HawksettHawksett Forumite
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    I must protest at the use of the word 'slashed', when the reduction is only a penny.

    "Asda has slashed 1p per litre off the price of unleaded"
  • DooofordDoooford Forumite
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    Hi all, just read Helen Knapman's article in which reports that Asda has "slashed 1p per litre off the price of unleaded and 4p per litre off diesel".
    Now the term "slash" is an interesting one, for me a price slash would conjure up images of 35-40% reductions.

    An example of this would be if going to buy a lawn mower for £140 and the price was cut by £4, I would expect that to be described as a price trim, not a slash.

    Please see article link below.

    Your thoughts on petrol price decrease terminology would be appreciated :)
  • Hawksett wrote: »
    I must protest at the use of the word 'slashed', when the reduction is only a penny.

    "Asda has slashed 1p per litre off the price of unleaded"
    Good point well made. :)
  • "Ford have slashed the £16,000 asking price of a new Mondeo by a fiver."
  • mcjordimcjordi Forumite
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    my local asda have dropped 5.2p off a litre.. i was suprised to see 135.7
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  • grizzly1911grizzly1911 Forumite
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    Just filled up at my local Asda (15 miles away but I was passing) 135.7 (diesel) too. Tesco 5 miles up road was 137.9. Interestingly Tesco had a 5p differential over petrol and ASDA only 3p.

    I had just come up from Wolverhampton where BP wanted 144.9 (don't tell me the quality line as it has never made any noticeable difference in my car).

    My local COP was still 1.439.

    Looking forward to further slashing:rotfl:
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  • From where I'm standing the only slashing going on is the fuel retailers slashing all over their customers. There !! Somebody had to say it. Wonder why it's always me though :D
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    Yes come on MSE, let's have a correction - might I suggest "Asda have knocked off a feeble 1p as their agreed bit part of the phoney price war launched today by three members of the shadey UK Retail Fuels cartel"

    Next week they have scheduled the usual dance of Shell and Esso who will nudge up and down a bit pretending they are hurt with Total falling into line as a follow up outfit, and then it'll all settle down for the next bouts sometime in October with BP lording it over them all as the acknowledged premium or top-rung price-pointer safe with its public sector fuel accounts, pretending not to be part of any of it.

    If this manipulation wasn't so serious it would be laughable, just like watching WWF wrestling bouts or the original Mick McManus versus Giant Haystacks on a Saturday afternoon.

    It is fake and I hereby notify my MP that I demand proper reductions back to more justifiable price points. The way this is going, we'll end up with the ratchet having gone 20p/litre forward in 2011 and only 5p back and with fuel retailers smirking at their "ingenuity" as price fixers.

    Bloody crooks.
  • EnfieldianEnfieldian Forumite
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    Jesus Helen, what a non starter of a thread.
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