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MoneySaving Weddings Article Discussion

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  • didzdidz Forumite
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    Hello all,
    I was just reading all the comments and the different post under the Cheap Wedding. I have never posted a comment on forum and hope to be of help.
    I have got my wedding in 6 months and I have been organising it for the past 10 months. It is a hair pulling job to organise a wedding. I did not want to hire a wedding planner as I wanted to keep all funds available to make my day the best ever. I will only get married once in my life and want to make it the best ever. Unfortunately money does not grow on trees and mum and dad have supported us financially to a certain number. My husband to be and I had to make up the rest of the money.

    I have found a wedding club on the internet which offers a one off membership to access a lots of different suppliers with discounted prices. I have saved £180 on photographer, £60 on wedding cake. Tiara for free when I bought wedding dress. My wedding venue offered me a complimentary stay on the night prior to my wedding with my bridesmaid, £40 off wedding cars, £55 off DJ, etc etc... I have booked most of my wedding suppliers through the Wedding Privilege Club and have either saved money, got free stuff and/or upgraded to different services.

    Overall, YES saving money on your wedding day is hard as whenever you had the word "wedding" the prices double up but with my membership I did not have to do anything. Just call the wedding suppliers you need, mention your membership number and they automatically give you discount.
    I would recommmend the Wedding Privilege Club to anybody wishing to get married.:rotfl:

    Google them : wedding privilege club

    Hope to have help all of you looking to save money on your wedding day.
    Sarah xxxx
  • Music - I used to work in events and we used to use string quartets from local Universities. They're as good as professionals and are glad of the experience so usually charge around £100 for couple of hours if it's local. Each unviersity Music department has their own groups and societies you can contact. Term time dates are obviously easier and make sure that all members of the group won't have graduated by the wedding date.
  • Hiya. After having recently got married and spending more than we wanted to (what a surprise!), we were looking to try and recoup some of the costs from the items which were filling up the garage. We had a variety of wedding related items, centrepieces, seat covers and of course the dress itself which we were looking to recoup some of the costs on. After looking around we used and have sold all of the items. Don't forget that having a low cost wedding doesn't have to stop with the wedding itself!!!
  • I cant stress this website enough to brides to be, do all sorts but mainly dresses that would be of interest to most people. They are based in China but have fantastic reviews (and dont delete the odd unhappy review so they are genuine and they also resolve any issues quickly which people always comment on). I was recommended this site by a friend who only accepts the highest standard, and she was blown away with them! I'd risk using them over ebay but ultimately it's a personal choice I guess, just check them out and see what you think.

    Couldn't agree more. Lightinthebox are amazing. I bought my wedding invitations from them because we're getting married quickly (well, planning the wedding quickly, we've been together 12 years and don't want to wait any longer!) and didn't have time to make them. When I received the order, I got an unexpected £20 bill for import tax, which I was none too pleased about. I contacted Lightinthebox to complain and they offered to pay half of the bill, I replied saying I thought they should pay it all and they did. Absolutely brilliant customer service, when I complained I expected nothing. It was my fault for not thinking about they where they were coming from! I think Ebay is a little riskier but havifn said that bought my dress from Ebay at a bargain price of £60 and it is gorgeous; much better than anything I could have bought in the UK !
  • I'm getting married in September and am trying to do a lot of things myself on a budget to keep costs down!!

    One thing we really liked the idea of was disposable cameras on the table to see all our guests photos as well as the professional ones, however even shopping around the price of buying these and getting them developed is mad!! As most people have digital cameras and phones with cameras these days that have a much better quality than disposables, what we've decided to do instead is put blank cd's on the table with a little note in them asking guests to each take one and put their photos on to it and send it back to us. It's cost us next to nothing, we bought cheap blank cds with clear plastic wallets for them, and as I plan to print my own invitations anyway we've printed the message on the same card and font so they will match.

    Also, I know favours maybe aren't essential, but we wanted to give them as little gifts to our guests. ebay is fantastic, we've got organza and ribbon in our colour scheme for so cheap to wrap them all up, and instead of place names we've made personalised wine charms using letter beads and popped these on to the favours so they double up as place names too.
    :kisses2: Married MrV 2012 :kisses2:
    :j BabyV due 2014 :j
  • Important update! We have recently reviewed and updated our Forum Rules and FAQs. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest version.
  • tina01904tina01904 Forumite
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    Hi MrsVtobe

    Can I please ask where you got your cheap blank cd and clear plastic wallets from as we are also thinking of doing this but have only seen cheap cd stacks.

    Thanks in advance
    MFW 2012 #70- 1996.98/10000
  • We just bought them when they were reduced in Tesco - a 50 stack of blank cds then a pack of 50 clear plastic wallets. My finace works in Tesco so we used his staff discount too. I think they put these on offer fairly regularly so look out for them :)
    :kisses2: Married MrV 2012 :kisses2:
    :j BabyV due 2014 :j
  • Sorry to hijack I bought my CDs from Wilkinsons and clear plastic wallets from a poundshop.

    Included the following poem:

    Your pictures of our wedding day
    Will help us in a special way.
    We’d love for you to share your snaps
    Upload your photos and send them back
    We’ll put your pictures in a photo book
    So in years to come we can take a look
    We hope you’ll take some different shots
    For which we thank you lots and lots!
    Preparing for arrival of baby by clearing out the debts...:p
  • That's a lovely poem, we just wrote:

    We would love to see the memories you have captured of our special day. Please take this CD home to download your pictures and send back to us to cherish forever.
    :kisses2: Married MrV 2012 :kisses2:
    :j BabyV due 2014 :j
  • Just bought my wedding shoes in New Look - plain ivory satin court shoes, only £20 - bargain compared to some I've been looking at in specialist wedding shops!! The ones on the shelf were a little bit dirty, so I asked one of the employees if they had another pair through the back in my size. She came through with a pair still in the cellophane so they had never even been tried on by anyone else either. I'm really happy, most of my shoes come from there anyway so I know they will be really comfy on the day. Depending on your colour scheme, Debenhams also had some really nice ones in, but unfortunately the ones I liked didn't come in a shade close enough to my dress.
    :kisses2: Married MrV 2012 :kisses2:
    :j BabyV due 2014 :j
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