Updated! My garden makeover (with pics)

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    12 months passed already! A few observations after the horrible wet, cold April!

    Clematis Montana on the right was severely pruned back in Autumn, so not so many flowers this year as expected.
    Plenty of fresh growth on the yew after so much rain
    Despite fleecing, the choisya took a late frost on the buds so it's a poorer display than last May :(
    Foxgloves are abundant, grown from seed
    The grasses on the left are in too much shade I reckon, hence 'leggy'
    Blue iris at the back are doing well, as it the catnip growing just in front
    Two of three meconopsis overwintered in the black trough, we'll see if they flower.

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    Great garden. Well done.
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    You've done a wonderful job, I envy your imagination and sheer physical hard work! It looks lovely and I'm making notes of some of the plants, there are some great ideas here.
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    amcluesent, your garden is gorgeous! Makes me want to escape the office and potter about my own garden. You should be proud.x

    ETA, now l've seen page 2, l realise this thread was over a year old, and it's matured well. :j

    Happy moneysaving all.
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