May 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    £1.00 on creme fraiche today.
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    Nothing spent for me today but do need fresh salad and mushrooms tomorrow I must I must stick to budget!!!!
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    Have spent £79.92 at Mr T this week and £18.24 at KFC for tonights dinner (Oven being cleaned so out of action)
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    Hi everyone

    We have seriously overspent on food last month so we are being really careful this month. Sticking to the meal plan and trying to cook from scratch if there's time. Went to MrT and stuck to the list which was a bit of a miracle.

    Charlie 792 - why not make a big bolognese sauce with plenty of chopped veg in it. You can freeze half of it and hey presto there's a meal in the freezer for another day. If you buy a whole chicken you can cook it in the oven, (or slow cooker if you have one) pick off the meat and make a pie using a cream of chicken soup as the sauce if you don't feel confident making a sauce from scratch. Don't be afraid to have a go at new things you will be surprised at what you can do. Good luck
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    Hi there,

    Really glad I can access the site now, I had terrible troubles at the beginning of the month :(

    Thank you so much for including me in this months challenge. Only one thing though, my budget for this month is £500, not £400. 400 is my ultimate challenge, but seeing as last month I spent £627, I think I may be pushing it a bit, cutting down by that much :(

    I am a bit worried, as I have spent £182 already, but shouldn't have to buy anything else other than a few veggies until the weekend.

    I'm ok for washing powder and dishwasher stuff etc, and I have discovered an Aldi near me, which my colleague assures me is great once you get used to the different brands. :money:

    I'm still hopeful that I'll come in under budget this month with a bit of work, and can look at improving from there.

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    We are at £82.85 out of £160 for this month, and still 3 main shops to do... hmm, will have to get creative!

    We have enough fish in freezer for fish once per week until end of month, and 3 portions of frozen roasted chicken for a curry once per week.
    Apart from that, I have 2 tuna pasta frozen dinners I made a couple of weeks ago, plus some tinned tuna.

    There are some lentils (green and red) so I may make another lentil and brown rice casserole soon which was yummy and OH even liked it (even though it's mostly lentils!). It was enough for 3 nights in a row, plus very healthy as I added splinach too.

    I made muesli a week ago so that I don't get tempted to buy boxed cereal, plus made Twinks hob nobs on Sunday (all gone!) and still eating frozen muffins I had made, these satisfy sweet cravings but with far less sugar and additives than store bought.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Updated my total with this weeks Shop, split it between L!dl, Tesc0 and M0rrisons to take advantage of different offers. Stocked up now so quite pleased.

    Dinner tonight will be HM Chicken Fajitas, plan to just use one large Chicken breast and stretch it out with plenty of peppers and onions and hope no-one notices.:o

    Had one lot of Salad leaves from the Garden last week and some Radishes from the Allotment, sown plenty more Seeds to keep us going over the coming Months, also sown some Rocket and some Spinach. The allotment is filling up nicely with Beans, peas, celery, onions, garlic, kale, spuds etc etc Plenty of money saving to come I hope.;)
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    So far this month we've spent £56.76. Got a small delivery coming from Mr T tonight tho.
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    morning all, today is another nsd for me :) i've been up since 6 and really fancied a cooked breakfast after i dropped the twins off but i restrained myself and came home, boiled the last few baby new taties, and fried with some onions and bacon to make a hash, added some leftover sweetcorn and a couple of spoonfuls of beans and topped with cheese, and OMG it was yummy, wo much tastier than the fry i would ahve bough had a went to town and alot cheaper, lunch is hm tuna mayo sandwichs, and tea is sausage casarole with mash and mixed veg, i was thinking of doing an invetory but i think i have to much stuff for that to be an option at the mo, so i'll just keep using stuff up til it's more manageable
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  • sorry I am so late posting my budget this month , please put me down for
    We are almost completely vegan now so not spending anywhere near so much on food . We are buying a lot of organic veg and pulses , and b12 supplements , as we don't eat a lot of fortified stuff. cooking almost everything from scratch but its sooo much quicker without meat !:)
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