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Items the advertisers try to convince us are essential



  • lostinrates
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    ceridwen wrote: »
    A slowcooker does have its uses though LIR. I find that the only way I can get myself to do dried pulses (rather than canned ones) is knowing I am going to cook up a batch of them in the slowcooker and then store them in the ziptop freezer bags I use in the freezer in quantities about equivalent to a can worth and take out as required. Dried pulses are rather cheaper than canned ones - and healthier too. So - the only exception I make to that normally is those cheapie canned kidney beans - which are SO cheap that they count as much cheaper than dried ones.

    OK, I'll certainly try that. I don;t mind cooking pulses, but this would work cheaper than the hob I guess, and easier, less tying. I never thught of ding dried pulses in freezable batches! So sensible!
  • shandyclover
    I get irritated by the over advertised skin care products - where they aim at impressionable teens telling them supposedly you need 25 different products to look half way normal.

    I have teen daughters. They all had good skin with only a rare spot or two. I had taught them how to use the OCM and I'd buy them St *ves scrubs and gentle face wash when it was on sale, which they would use when they were bothered. Then a well meaning relative bought them all expensive skin care products for Christmas, no joke about 15 plus products each all from one line for a 16 and 14 year old. Suddenly their skin is all over the place, oily and pimply one day, then dry and flakey the next, and the older one has developed excema which she hasn't had since she was a toddler. I suspect its all the products throwing everything off balance.
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  • Steve-o
    Steve-o Posts: 4,487 Forumite
    Ellie83 wrote: »
    The motion activated soap dispenser..... Yeah, it has germs on it, but the first thing you do after touching it is washing your hands... So what's the point? What is wrong with washing the bottle once in a while if you are afraid of germs? :D

    Thank heavens for those (relatively) cheap motion activated soap dispensers! At work, I don't want to be touching a pump-dispenser that potentially has traces of faeces, urine, blood, saliva, or semen on it. I do, however, drill a hole in the top of the soap containers, and re-fill them with cheap liquid soap. :D

    At home, I use a bar of soap.
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  • coolcait
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    OK, I'll certainly try that. I don;t mind cooking pulses, but this would work cheaper than the hob I guess, and easier, less tying. I never thught of ding dried pulses in freezable batches! So sensible!

    Adding to the idea that one person's essential is another's 'what on earth did you buy that for??!!'...

    I adore stews/casseroles, and when I get the notion for having one mid-week, my trusty slow cooker has it ready for me when I get home from work :T

    OH doesn't 'get' my love for the slow cooker. But hes a big fan of pulses, and uses his pressure cooker for them. Quick and easy, in his view. I don't see the appeal - the damn thing scares me. :o

    Now I can use this idea to introduce him to the idea that my slow cooker is an 'essential', so thank you to ceridwen.

    And I second the idea of freezing cooked pulses in batches. It keeps OH fed and happy for several meals. ;)
  • coolcait
    coolcait Posts: 4,803 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker Rampant Recycler
    Steve-o wrote: »
    ...At work, I don't want to be touching a pump-dispenser that potentially has traces of faeces, urine, blood, saliva, or semen on it...

    Secondary school teacher? :p

    (Sorry :o - was out with a bunch of teacher friends tonight, and they had quite a collection of stories to tell :eek:)
  • Steve-o
    Steve-o Posts: 4,487 Forumite
    coolcait wrote: »
    Secondary school teacher? :p

    Support worker. :)
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  • redglass_2
    redglass_2 Posts: 771 Forumite
    Lots of us are interested in hygiene/washing/deodorants in the past, obviously! There's a brilliant book - CLEAN by Virginia Smith, a history of personal hygiene and it shows that people have been deodorising, etc, for thousands of years (though not always very effectively). :D Fascinating read, BTW.

    My hates:

    Panty-liners (especially 'fragranced')
    Perfumed rubbish bags (in case you want to seduce the bin man?)
    Balm on paper tissues (goes right up your nose and ITCHES, if you're me). What's wrong with putting vaseline on your nostrils if they are getting raw?

    I have problems with sore feet and hard skin on the soles. My Mum bought me a ridiculous thing called a 'ped-egg' which is a callus file, very awkward and inconvenient to use. Then a friend bought me a battery-operated version of the same thing with three different heads on it, also quite a faff to use. Neither of these is an improvement on a pumice stone....

    Manicures that give you weird long nails like Fu Manchu (I find the look repulsive, especially when the nails are encrusted with fake gems, etc...ugh)

    Foot spas. A few years ago everyone was convinced they were necessary, then they all turned up at car boots and on Ebay...

    Depilatory creams. Advertisers have done a brilliant job of convincing women that a corrosive substance that dissoves human tissue - which is what it's doing when it removes the hair - is somehow 'feminine' and 'gentle' and is good for sensitive skin. Not my sensitive skin it ain't. I look as if I've been burnt with acid if I use it. :eek:

    Waxing 'down below'. I know I'm lowering the tone, but how did magazines, etc, manage to convince young adults that this is an essential part of grooming? A huge market has been created for a completely pointless and painful process.

    Chilled mashed potato, ready cooked rice and all the rest of the foodstuffs you could make yourself in a few minutes...

    Ads tell you that sun protection 'goes out of date' after a year, so you have to buy more. I just don't believe this, and always use up what I already have...and as a rule, it goes on working.

    And last....but not least...the dreaded
    :xmastree: CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN. :xmastree:You know, the one the women's mags have every autumn 'to help you' plan your Christmas'. Yeah, right. It's just a way of making you more anxious that you aren't keeping up with the Joneses and flogging you more and more cr*p. Bah humbug. :D
    'Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin now.' Goethe

  • farmers-marketeer
    Listen to the radio watch 4 od sometimes, and read magazines waiting for the doctor. What annoys me is the junk that comes in via the letterbox curries Chinese take aways kebabs and pizza I have managed without them for years why is this latest edition going to change my mind as invariably the price has risen again.:mad:
    It's only rock and roll but I like it.
  • cathij0269
    On a larger scale, am I the only person left in the world who doesn't see a point in tumble dryers and dishwashers? I have 4 children and have never/will never own either. On a dry day my washing will be dry within a few hours on the line, on a wet day it will dry overnight on an airer in the kitchen. As for dishwashers, I could have washed and dried a whole sinkful in the time it would have taken me to load a dishwasher (even at Christmas with 20 mouths to feed, it still only takes 15 minutes to clear the sink and drainer).
  • tenuissent
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    I'm impressed that it takes you only 20 minutes to clear up and wash up after feeding 20 mouths. I have had extended family to stay with up to 16 mouths a day over the Easter week, and I have been very glad that I gave in a year ago and bought a 2nd hand dishwasher from a friend who was moving. I hardly ever use it, but I value it highly for these occasions. Another benefit is that it frees friends and family from feeling they have to pitch in and wash up - they can help load it then relax. Its 30 minute cycle is perfect for this. I have never had a tumble drier for the reasons you give.
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