Henderson OEIC charges

Hi, It's my first post so please be gentle....

I have been a leading light in the world of money wasting for quite some time :mad: and I have recently seen the light!! :D
(Prime example:- I paid £30/month for a 1% share in a racehorse for a year after it got sent to the glue factory!!!! just because I never got round to cancelling the standing order)

Anyway for the past six yearsI have been investing £100/month into a shares ISA that takes 4% comission per month :eek:

Having read some articles here and elsewhere I am starting to think this is not a very good deal.

How easy is it to transfer ISAs and what should I expect to pay in commision. I like paying monthly as you get more units/shares when times are bad instead of lumping in one amount at a set price.

Please help



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    Sounds like you need a discount broker. Here is one you might want to look at (there are 3 goods ones with little to choose between them). They will refund most of the commission which cuts the costs greatly. I'm not sure if regular savings instead of lump sums work the same way - I'll leave you to read up on that.

    They will be only too happy to help you transfer your existing ISA.

    PS I loved your story about the racehorse.
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