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    I remember the toilet in a dive of a pub not to far from me, the best way to describe it is the toilet in trainspotting.
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    A few years ago, I was on holiday in Spain with my wife and daughter, and one night we fancied a change from the local cuisine, so we found an Indian restaurant where I enjoyed an excellent chicken vindaloo.

    The next morning we drove down to Torremolinos for market day, and by 11:30 am the pressure build-up in my bowels was such that a public toilet needed to be found urgently.

    There appeared to be no toilets in the market square, but there was a large cafe with a toilet, so daughter and I went in, she joined the queue for the ladies, and I was able to go straight into the single cubicle for the gents.

    The change of diet must have had a strange effect, because instead of the normal deposit of several small packages, everything had fused into a single, monstrous log, about the size of a nuclear submarine.

    Flushing the loo had no effect on this leviathan, and after waiting for the cistern to refill, the second flush failed to shift it either. By this time there was a knocking on the door, and as I opened it a desperate-looking Spaniard pushed past me straight into the cubicle.

    I rejoined my daughter at the counter, bought a couple of cokes and we sat at a table as far away from the loos as possible. The aforementioned Spaniard then emerged from the toilets with a horrified expression and spoke to one of the staff.

    While my daughter sat and watched over my shoulder (I was sitting facing away from the toilets, I couldn't look) several of the cafe staff were rushing back and forwards with bundles of toilet roll, mops and a bucket. They were gabbling away in Spanish, and were casting disapproving glances at the Spanish guy, who was now sitting on his own at another table. Eventually they put one of those yellow "caution" type signs on the floor in front of the gents.

    Daughter and I finished our drinks, and sidled out of the back door without a backward glance. She is never going to a public toilet with me again, and I won't ever be going back to Torremolinos market.

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  • You think this is bad - you try being a 9mth pregnant lady on a london midland train. They are so poorly designed that the door doesn't open fully (it hits the toilet) so it is virtually impossible to get through the gap! I dread to think what contorted image I create as I try to squeeze the bump though the gap as the train wobbles around whilst I cross my legs.....oh dear!
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    You should try visiting China then. Squat toilets aplenty to be had :D
  • Martin

    Er ... chill ... er, that's all

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    We bought that toilet seat last year (it was the cheapest in Argos at the time - wonder if that's why Nando's have it?). Living in a house with four males (aged 5 to 42), I very quickly learnt that spills were camouflaged, and to wipe the seat before sitting down.

    I was just about to come on here and post that I'd bought that seat as it was the cheapest in Argos too! I suppose even the folk at Nando's are having to face the recession!

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    Tippytoes wrote: »
    Once used an amazing loo overseas. Flushed, then there was this whirring sound, then a cling film type "sleeve" shot out from the back of the loo and completely covered the seat. Frightened me half to death, but what a smart idea. Every user gets a "new" seat.

    The toilets in Miami airport are like that.

    The worst toilet experience (for me) is needing to go to the loo when you're on an all day boat trip..........on a small boat in choppy seas. Everything is fine when you're up on deck with fresh air and a horizon to see.

    Venture below deck and squeeze into the tiny toilet cubicle, with the boat rocking and rolling...............and you might find yourself needed the loo for both ends.:o
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    I think the choice of toilet seat may be another example of Nando's famous corporate sense of humour. I see the joke, but I can also see how it could backfire.
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    We had that seat home a few years back - it was sold in Homebase - and ours even had a fly trapped in the resin if you looked close enough!
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    I think the choice of toilet seat may be another example of Nando's famous corporate sense of humour. I see the joke, but I can also see how it could backfire.

    You should do (if that is your real surname). :)

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